Safety Online

Strong passwords

you need strong passwords so that people who try and hack into your facebook and emails wont be able to get into you account as easy your password should be 8 characters long or more and make it complected by using numbers.

secure wireless connections

If you put a password on your internet people will not be able to coneect without your password you can setup your own password or some come with there own passwords which is good because they will be strong passwords.

Good virus protection

You must have a good virus protection, if you dont your computer will get alot of viruses from websites. Your computer will start to run slower and will receive pop ups, people will be able to get onto your computer and do things and you wont know because you dont have a good virus protection.

Mobile phone protection

You can protect you mobile by putting a password on it and also you can protect your bluetooth by putting a password on that and not having your real name as your bluetooth name.