Leap Into Literacy Kindergarten


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Reading Workshop Unit 3: Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles!

My how they've grown! Your kindergarteners are moving from rereading familiar texts to reading more difficult books with greater independence. In this unit you'll be introducing reading mats so kids can work up to more challenging books, special magnifying glasses to help students zoom into words, and fun games like "Pop It," "Guess What's Next," and
"Guess the Covered Word." All of these developmentally appropriate methods help to introduce your students to text structure, using multiple cuing systems, and building their stamina.

Aha moment!

Don't let your students languish in levels A and B for too long...2 - 6 weeks at most. Remember, your goal is 1-1 matching with these texts, not 100% accuracy. Students should spend a few months with Levels C and D, which is where they will be able to start putting those reading super powers to good use and begin to develop their comprehension and fluency.

Kids are the EXPERTS!

Writing All-About Books allows children to share their own knowledge about a topic and communicate to others their areas of expertise. This unit enables students to speak with authority and ownership about their own life and teach others as if they are experts. Jotting down their ideas in a tiny topics notepad, worn proudly around their necks, encourages kids to collect their writing ideas wherever they are. Ants, gymnastics, The Red Sox, the grocery store, the new baby at home...the important thing is to help them find these areas of expertise and respect them.

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