Computer Phrases !

By Ellie Kennelly

Operating system

An operating system is the thing that controls all of the hard ware. Examples of these would be Windows, Apple and all of the android systems. These are lolly pop, jelly bean and ginger bread. Plus many more!

Hard Drive

This is also known as (HDD). This is a fundamental part of a modern computer. The hard drive acts as an internal storage device. This means that it keeps /saves everything on your device.


This stands for central prossessing unit. It is hard ware inside the computer that carries out the instructions of a computer programme. As an example, performing simple instructions. You would describe as the big black box that many office and school computers have next to them


This is the main printed circuit board (PCB). It is also known as the main board, system board, planar board or even logic board. This is found in computers and other expandable systems, sometimes a mobo. It is where all the parts plug into ,such as CPU and GPU.

Optical Drive

This is also known as (ODD). It uses a lazer light to read and write information on a disc. An example of a disc would be a DVD or a music player disc.

Touch screens

These are electronic visual displays That can be controlled through simple or mulit touch gestures. You can also use a special stylas or pen. These act as your finger and allow you to easily access things on your device.


This is a visual display such as a computer screen. It comprises the disply of the devise. The monior was orrigonally uesed for data prossessing . However today is used in a better way.


This stands for random access memory. It allows your computer to work with more information at the same time. This can have a dramatic affect on the whole system performance just like when you update your phone.


Input is data that you put into your computer such as numbers or even pictures. The Output is what you get from the data. As an example, profit margins or a total. A good way to remember these is a smoothie. You put in the ingredients (input). Then you blend and a smoothie is created. This is the output.