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Q: Who is the plaintiff? A: The plaintiff is someone who brings the case against the defendant.

Q: How does a court case start? A: The case begins with the pleadings in which the plaintiff states the compliant.

Q: How/Why would I get called to court. A: If you committed a felony or misdemeanor someone could order a summons to bring you to court.

Q: What is a pretrial? A: A pretrial is a conference held with a judge and others that is a mediation that helps clarify some of the laws and facts that are going to be presented in the coming trial.

Q: How much evidence is needed to support a claim? A: It depends on what claim you are trying to make, but you do have to a certain amount of reliable confirmed evidence; preponderance of evidence.

Q: What if I don't agree with the verdict or I believe something was done wrong? A: If you are serious about not concurring with the verdict then you may appeal to a higher court.

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