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Warren Johnson Hyde Park, New York: Refurbishing Apartments

Within the lifetime of an apartment, there is an inescapable need to refurbish these living units from time to time. Typically, on a minimum basis, they are refurbished so that they may be rented out again when a previous tenant has moved out. A new tenant that is presented with a newly refurbished apartment will be proud to call this place home. Before putting an apartment on the market, however, an apartment manager or owner must decide what needs to be done to this apartment in order to get it up to speed. A well-refurbished apartment will rent out quicker, and it may be easier to get a tenant to move in.

One of the fundamental tasks that must be done when apartments are refurbished is to paint the interior. This is a very basic activity that requires the work of placing coverings over everything that you do not want to get paid on. Any paint that is flaking is typically scraped off. Next these areas are wiped down with a wet rag. Your average apartment will have holes in the walls from pictures and other things that have been hung from them. Patching compounds will fill in the holes and require light sanding once dry. Priming the walls is an important next step in the painting process. This allows the paint to adhere to the surface beneath it as well as possible. Finally, the paint can be applied. If necessary, a second coat may be applied as well.

Depending on the condition of the apartment, various other things might also need refurbishing. For example, there are conditions that may require an update in flooring. Carpets carry allergens; tiles come loose, linoleum peels, and various other wear and tear items call for refurbishment. Warren Johnson is a resident of Hyde Park, NY. He is a consultant at Benview Apartments, LLC. He has a history of experience in refurbishing apartments over the years, and he advises these initial steps.