August Team Recognition

DeLoach Nation, 2015

Cheers to an Incredible Summer! Who's excited for big promotions in the FINAL Quarter of the year!!

Where do you want to be on January 1, 2016? Q4 is always when Arbonne experiences a lot of promotes! People are open to OPPORTUNITY as the new year approaches. The holiday line is also a huge reason for Q4 promotions and has just been released! VPs Tarrah Brandsma, Mary Wright, Holly Kleiman, & Haley Duncan all experienced their VP promotions on January 1st. The work starts NOW! We are launching a VP2B Bootcamp -- we hope you decide to be ALL IN!

Congratulations to RVP-in-qualification Team Sandusky! You've kicked-off a WAVE of massive momentum for yourselves that will CARRY YOU ALL to the next level! We are cheering for you to finish strong this month!

New Promotions!


Half-way to Nation:

over halfway!! Holly Kleiman

Half-way to Nation:

over halfway!! Holly Kleiman


Emily Sandusky in Liz DeLoach's Region

Area-Managers-in- Qualification:

Nicole Graves in Natalie Frazier's Area

New District Managers

Congratulations! You now earn an 8% override on the entire volume from you and your team! That's HUGE!

Amy Femery in Emily Sandusky's District

Patti Borus in Emily Sandusky's District

Lisa Callenbach in Bridget Gould's District

Rena Fray in Laura Ferguson's District

Brittney Blackledge in Laura Ferguson's District

Tara Quicke in Laura Ferguson's District

Diana Nieman in Haley Duncan's District

District Managers in Qualification:

Finish strong by following the Launch Steps! Promoting to DM is very important! Dig deep and be coachable!

Ashley Kleiman in Holly Kleiman's District

Monica Conway in Claire Broxterman's District

Kristen Burger in Liz Odle's District

Ashley Hester in Natalie Frazier's District

Casey McGoff Natalie Frazier's District

Vanessa Graziano in Nicole Graves District

Janelle Calhoon in Nicole Graves District

Tracey Cook in Claire Broxterman's District

DE Henderson in Claire Broxterman's District

Kimberly Gale in Jennifer Emerzians District

Daniella Malloy in Jennifer Emerzians District

Rose Duran in Angela Perez's District

Hallie Davis in Laura Ferguson's District

Sandi Goltz in Meride Goltz District

Kimberly Naramore in Laura Fergusons District

Rebecca Fuller in Haley Duncan's District

Sarwat Suleiman in Haley Duncans District

Sarah Parke in Tammy Gibson's District

Meghan Reilly in Katie Roofs District

Karen Reilly in Katie Roofs District

Holly Kohlmann In Rebecca Debano's District

Brittany Houser in Shannon Johnsons District

Kelly Giugni in Ashleigh Moore's District

Lisa Straw in Ashleigh Moore's District

Deanna Nord in Liz DeLoach's District

Mary Ann Thronom in Liz DeLoach's District

Donna Dewey in Liz DeLoach's District

Kim Scaturro in Liz DeLoach's District

Jen Dauphinais in Liz DeLoach's District

Jessica Holmes in Liz DeLoach's District

Fena Flores in Monica Jensen's District

Emily Collett in Betsy Weeks' District

Alyssa Lane in Betsy Weeks' District

Stephanie Leung in Corinne Babcock's District

Tatiana Green in Emily Sandusky's District

Lisa Bonotto in Emily Sandusky's District

DM Bonus Earners - Extra $200 Cash

Claire Broxterman

Haley Duncan

Holly Kleiman

Nicole Graves

Natalie Frazier

Laura Ferguson

Ashleigh Moore

Hillary Sepulveda

Liz DeLoach

Emily Sandusky

AM Bonus Earners - $400 Cash Bonus

Haley Duncan

Emily Sandusky

RVP Bonus Earner - $600 Cash Bonus

Liz DeLoach

Tri-Fecta - Earn all three Bonuses for $1200 in cash bonuses

Dream Maker Retreat in Albuquerque New Mexico with TOP NVPs:

Emily Sandusky

Haley Duncan

Laura Ferguson - Tiffany Jewelry Challenge Earner

Niki Constantino

Top Personal Sponsoring of PCs/Cons with 150+ QV

Danalyn Balingit- 8 NICE!!!

Top Central District Sponsoring of PCs/Cons with 150+ QV

Laura Ferguson- 15 WOW!!!!!

Top Central Area Sponsoring of PCs/Cons with 150+ QV

Holly Kleiman- 19

Top Central Region Sponsoring of PCs/Cons with 150+ QV

Holly Kleiman- 45


Qualifying requirements EXTENDED to Tuesday, September 8

ANYONE CAN EASILY QUALIFY! Talk to VP for tips & get to WORK!


Big image


Top NVPs will be celebrating you and showering you with GIFTS, meals, & inspiration at ENVP's Lori Lucero' home in Albuquerque New Mexico!


Stacey Molli discusses Arbonne's 2015 Fall/Holiday range

Want to earn a Holiday IWIA Set?

Q4 is when retail stores sell the most, and it's no different for us. Holiday products are a HUGE reason. Do you have your I Want It All (IWIA) Set?

Your VP is giving a way a full IWIA set! You must order 2 sets for the drawing entry. For each additional set, you'll be entered another 3 times. You must submit your receipts to me via email by September 10th to be entered!

To MAXIMIZE the Holiday line in September, October, November and December follow the CHECKLIST that was emailed out.


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First the RE9 Advanced

Then the first plant-based retinoid with the Genius Pads

NOW LIFTING & CONTOURING & Genius Lip Treatment -- UMM YES!!!

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