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Happy Holidays/BREAK! Congrats on finishing finals strong!

Props to Lizzie Yazvac for making our holiday card this year. Click to see how well she captured us .

Please do us a solid and complete the Honors Course Eval below!

  • Honors Course Evaulations
  • Meet Me @ the Music Call for Performers
  • Honors Class on Curating
  • Professional Development & Employment Opportunities

Honors Art History Class- CURATING

The WORK of Art: Writing, Curating, Exhibitions, Display (ARTH 2897)
Mondays 4 - 5:40 PM
Dr. Tracy Cooper

Come explore YOUR ideas about what ART does in the world. Have you ever wondered about what goes into putting up an exhibition? Or goes on behind the scenes? Thought
you had some good exhibition materials? Wanted to be the one making those choices—that is—CURATING your own stories? We will go through the ideas and steps
that go into making a show and you will produce a plan and your own catalog on a
theme important to you. Digital project option. Two museum visits.

Do you rock and/or roll? Play an instrument? Sing? PERFORM AT ALL?! We want you!

February 25th, 2016

Rock Hall Auditorium

Are you a musician? A dancer? An actor/actress? Someone with a unique performing talent you want to showcase (magic, juggling, etc?) Even better, do you want to see your favorite PROFESSORS perform their hidden talents? Then here's the event for you! The Honors Creatives are putting on their annual event Meet Me @ the Music, an arts showcase in which students and professors perform on the same stage, making for a night filled with entertainment from all ages and for all ages!

If you are interested in performing, please contact Olivia Gusmano at tue92258@temple.edu, telling her you're interested and what you would like to do. We are looking for individuals, individuals wanting to be part of a group, or entire groups.

If you would rather experience the overall performance, please RSVP to this event and then invite your friends!! Spread the word, and meet us at the music!

Professional Development & Employment Opportunities

PAID Quality Assurance Specialist/ Junior Project Manager Internship

Want to get some real life web design experience? Zivtech is looking for someone to fill an internship position, PAID and part-time! This is a collaborative work environment which will give you real world experience.

● Some experience in testing software for both functional/nonfunctional requirement compliance and technical defects.
● Some experience in cross browser and cross device testing.
● Good knowledge of Drupal.
● Solid knowledge of HTML/CSS.
● Ability to translate technical information for nontechnical persons.
● Ability to multitask and prioritize work.
● Exceptional communication skills.
● Ability to pick up new responsibilities quickly.
● Attention to detail and ability to work under tight deadlines.

Send the following to jobs@zivtech.com
● A CV or resume.
● A cover letter, or a paragraph or two about why we should hire you.
● A piece of writing that you feel conveys your writing skills.
Have ready the following:
● Your LinkedIn address (it’s a free service, so even if you don’t have an account yet, you should sign up for one before you send us your application).
● Other social networking links that you think can help make your case for you (such as Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr).

PAID Communications/Social Media Internship- DUE January 17

The Communications & Electronic/Social Media Intern will provide strategic communications assistance to District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund program and department managers, developing electronic communications strategies/materials and a consistent social media “brand” to improve [1] program recruitment and marketing to target populations, [2] ongoing communications with program graduates, and [3] the Fund’s capacity to promote itself to funders and other potential partners, and the general public.

8-10 hours per week expected throughout Spring 2016 semester.

Applicants should submit résumé and cover letter – and any questions regarding their application – to Peter Chomko, the Training Fund’s Research & Development Project Manager (pchomko@1199ctraining.org).

Applicants should provide evidence of their qualification for the Internship, including (if available) links to any websites, blogs or other examples of their ability to create written and visual online content – personal and academic/school project links are equally acceptable.

The Training Fund will preference applications from individuals who attach [1] an unofficial transcript and/or list of relevant courses they have taken, and [2] one or two writing samples – preferably either journalism or marketing/PR copy; links to web copy composed by applicants may be substituted for writing samples.