Soldier Boys Fighting for freedom

By: Taylor Schell


The setting is before world war two was about to begin and during the war. It includes being in Germany, and America.


Begins when the two boys join the war, one joins the Americans and the other joins the Germans. The boys go through a whole process and then go into training to become a solider. Finally they are asked to go into the war and fight against one an other. They go into battles and fight and sadly have to see people die. These boys are young and brave and have to fight at only the age of 15.

Main Characters

Spence, Dieter, and there Comrades.

Supporting Characters

LuAnn, Kenny, Ted, and family.

Key to existing characters

Spence: Created by author

Dieter: Created by author

Comrades: Were many soldiers but can not tell if they were real or not

LuAnn: Created by author

Ted: Created by author

Family: Created by author

Historical event

One the main historical events that led to this story was the bombing of pearl harbor. It was what started the war. In the book the father kept saying "there is going to be a world war." and he wouldn't stop saying it. Immediately one of the older boys said I want to sign up. Which leaded to the younger boys signing up. Which also led to the boys deaths in the story, because they were killed in combat. So then that goes through the whole book and eventually leads to the end and them having the funeral.


"He was still not seeing anything, it seemed, still walking like a sleepwalker."

This compares the commander to a sleepwalker. pg.48


"may I trust now that not one of you will think of turning from his duty."

The killing that just happened to them not running away

Figuritive launguage

Symbol: "But Mr. Morgan thought of all the promises Spence had kept." That his son did not do anything bad.

Hyperbole: Best way to freeze my ribs solid." a cold sock can't freeze your ribs solid.

New vocab

paratroopers, comrade, commander, SS troops, German words.

The SS troops spoke in German to the commanders and comrades that were about to become paratroopers.

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