Day Two of Fabulous

People Don't Know What They Don't Know

Please check out our 12 Days of Diva FB page to see who the winner is of our Day 1 challenge!

Think of how many people simply Don't KNOW about all of the amazing December Incentives with Stella & Dot. Today we'll focus on customers...

1. Dot Dollars
2. Buy One Gift One (Military Gratitude Program)
3. December 50% off (Trunk Show Exclusives)
4. YOU & the AMAZING Service You Bring

We have gorgeous jewels, luxe handbags and beautiful scarves but what really differentiates us from the average shopping experience is our exceedingly personal CUSTOMER SERVICE! And in December when people are busy and harried it's the perfect time to help our customers check off their lists and find the perfect gifts! We are a social selling while the trunk show is truly the heart of our business, we have been given the tools the market and sell virtually so let's capitalize on that!

People aren't waking up all over the US and saying to themselves "I'm going to log on to that Stella & Dot stylists page today and order a bunch of gifts for Christmas!" The truth is, you and your business are most likely NOT top of mind. Just like any other business you've got to network and advertise a little bit! The nice thing for us doesn't cost much to get some interest. AND, with Christmas just 16 days away, you can really generate some sales with a little prospecting. AND....maybe you'll even book a show or two for 2013!

Today YOU get to choose...

Wanna get decked out and walk the mall?

OR stay home in your sweats???

1. Mail out 5 Look Books or email 5 people & Follow Up with them next week.

Include a note and maybe even an incentive or discount (free shipping is perfect!). LET THEM KNOW...about Dot Dollars, December Exclusives AND Buy One Gift One. If you are emailing, include our cute gift video, scarf video or hosting video found under My Business --> Marketing Material --> Videos. It's also eye catching to mark 5 items that make GREAT gifts and one item that you think the recipient would look fab in.

Who's a good prospect?
1. Anyone you know that has multiple women in her family.
2. Customers who purchased a few items at a trunk show.
3. Small business owner.
4. Husband of a friend.
5. Facebook friend.
6. That person you've always wanted to book a show with.

OR you could....

Get out of the house and TALK TO PEOPLE and Hand out 5 Holiday Books
This is one strategy THAT WORKS! We've hear of so many stories of women on OUR TEAM who have booked and signed stylists just by walking around!

Feeling SUPER Ambitious? 5 will get your name in the drawing once...but for every 5 you do you will get another entry! So if you mail 10 you'll get your name in TWICE!

Good luck you fabulous ladies.
Can't wait to hear the success stories roll into our FB page:

We believe in YOU! What you do today will change your business in 2013!

xoxo ~ Sarah & Kristen