Hoarding has become a huge issue!

My Reason

My reason to alert people about this disorder is that it has become a huge issue in America. There are about 700,000 to 1.4 million hoarding cases in America. There are enough that they made some television shows about them, like A and E's Hoarding, and TLC's Buried Alive. Why are there so many?

Symtoms before and after becoming a hoarder

Before: Symptoms that can cause hoarding are mental illnesses, or an anxiety disorder. Also, 25 to 30% of people with OCD will become hoarders when they become adults,

After: Symptoms that can form after becoming a hoarder can include not being able to throw away possessions, great difficulty categorizing or organizing items, occasional checking of others people trash, metal illnesses, anger, discomfort around others, depression, and death from the molds that can grow easily in their homes.

children of hoarders

Parents are starting to influence their children in becoming hoarders when they grow up, and that will just increase the numbers of hoarders in America. Children that live with parents or guardians that hoard do suffer from their parents or guardians disorder. They can get bullies at school for smelling like the junk in their house, or just for what there house looks like. They can also get very sick from the different bacterias growing in their homes.

How can we help

We can help by getting people aware of this disorder. Also, we can help the children and families that suffer from this disorder by making them feel good about themselves and help them by talking to them. Lastly, we can help make sure every hoarder victim goes and talks to a counselor.