Erika McDowell

BA Psychology and Adult Development

A little bit about me...

I live in the beautiful country of PA. I have been married for 17 years and we have three great kids. My oldest is 19 and is a freshman in college, studying social work. My middle is 14 and she is in 8th grade, my baby is 8 and our only boy. He is in 2nd grade and is also very much into sports. My days are filled with my family. Right now we are in the baseball season, so we are gone most evenings running to a game or a practice (both younger play).

I have experience in home care, hospice, child care, and customer service, I also waitressed for many years in my younger days. Out of all my jobs I enjoyed home care and hospice a great deal and the position has brought to life a deep passion for working for those in the older community. I like to incorporate care for them, along with their families, in order to guarantee the best and greater satisfaction in the care they are receiving. Currently I am staying home while I finish my degree, but plan to start an internship a few days a week, by the end of May. This will give me the experience and wisdom I need for when I use my degree in the workforce.