A Perfect Season for Dreaming

Presentation by Breanna Robbins (EDEL 411 Section C)

Saenz, B. A. (2008). A season for dreaming. Texas: Cinco Puntos Press
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Information about the book

Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz

Illustrator: Esau Andrade Valencia

Genre: Mexican and Mexican–American, Picture Book, Fiction

Topic/Theme: Dreams, animals, fantasies, bilingual, trust/family.

Media: painting

Awards: none

About the Author & Illustrator

Full Page Illustration

This is a beautiful full page illustration of Valencia's. His paintings are vibrant, colorful, and eye-catching.
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Critera For High Quality Multicultural Literature

1. Include characters with a cultural group or two or more cultural groups who interact substantially and authentically.

This story accurately depicts the grandfather and granddaughters relationship and their Mexican heritage.

2. Demonstrate unique language or style.

This story has a dual language reading option. The book is written in English and Spanish so ELL students could compare the languages.

3. Have an appealing format and be of endearing quality.

The illustrations are beautiful and would really catch the students eye. The writing is always alternated between the right side of the page and the left side of the page. There is also a clear distinction between the English paragraphs and Spanish paragraphs.

Classroom Teaching Application for: Perfect Season for Dreaming

Grade Level: 2nd

Common Core ELA Standard: RL.2.7. "Use information gained from the illustrations and

words in a print or digital text to demonstrate understanding of its characters, setting, or plot."

Objectives: The student will draw an illustration from the story without looking at the actual pictures then compare it to the book.

The student will describe what the main character looks like and his personality traits without looking at the pictures then compare it to the book.

  • I will connect this to my students lives by having them use their imaginations and showing the students how illustrations help us see the book how the author imagined the characters.
  • I will hand out a worksheet and a blank piece of paper to each student. I will read through the book once without showing the students the pictures and have them fill out their worksheets about the main character and draw an illustration of one of the main characters dreams on the blank piece of paper.
  • As a class I will reread the book except this time only show the illustrations.
  • The students will compare their own illustrations to the ones of the book and see what was similar or different.
  • The students will also see if they need to add anything to their list of personality traits and looks of the main character (did the illustrations explain something better than the print alone?)

Breanna Robbins

A Perfect Season for Dreaming by Breanna Robbins