To Conquer for Perseverance

Aidan Sylvester

My personal definition of perseverance

I think that perseverance means to be grateful for who you are and do anything that makes you happy and don't let anyone come between you and your dreams

Sandy Road Background info

Sandy road is about three people in the middle of no where trying to find their way back to their village they find water on their way under a rock so they try to break it but one of them can so they took the mallet and railroad spike and starts beating it down once they did they finally found their way back to their home

Venn Diagram of Jackie Robinson and Sandy road

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Eleanor Roosevelt (Description)

When Eleanor Roosevelt was a little girl she had a father and mother the father of Eleanor Roosevelt was an alcoholic and her mother was an aloof she was afraid to go to school because she was plagued with Insecurity and Shyness. She grew up to be very independent and wanted to muster when she did she became persevered by how many people liked her speeches and how she tried to give everybody rights especially the Blacks

Nadja on my way how she persevered

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Carp a man who became life

Carp is about a painter who could change the world by showing his paintings but lost everything Okyo was a painter before he lost his reputation to one of his pupils Rosetsu he wanted to steal his work from the beginning. When Rosetsu took over Okyo's work Okyo became depressed and a fool once Okyo gave up he went home he found a carp trying to eat a biscuit but it was hard because the carp was in snow. The carp tried and tried until he bleed for it and ate it he was dying until he slammed on the ice breaking into water the Carp Adhered when he reached his prize. The carp triumphed when he taught Okyo to take back what he was good at and made better paintings along the way

Orphan train rider kids who lived happily ever after

When kids didn't have homes they were put on this train called the orphan train The orphan train goes from one place to the other and the kids line up so parents could choose which kid they wanted to raise and put them to work but there was one kid named lee. Lee didn't want anybody to choose him because he wanted to go back to his father so once one of his brother got picked he wanted to go with him but they already had a lot kids to take care of. Once lee thought about it he knew that even though his brother got picked he would still be with him

Problem/Solution for Jackie Robinson

  • Robinson was mature and tough enough to with stand the taunts of racist fans
  • Most are far too concerned with raking in endorsement dollars to risk any controversy
  • The superstar athlete who have taken his place, sadly often strike out

Moreover, Robinson understood everything that was riding on the experiment Robinson let his batting and his base running speak for him and they spoke eloquently Robinson said if you get to the finish line first you win. Robinson had the guts to speak out against racial injustice after he retired from baseball. Jackie Robinson persevered in the solutions because he chose to eloquent when he became the first black man to play baseball and ignored anyone who disagreed with him

Lessons learned from perseverance

What we have read about in this unit really taught me that perseverance is something important to peoples lives. Perseverance is life almost because if you have adversities(problems) you can solve them by triumphs(solutions). Catching Kayla and the one-legged gymnast solved their adversities by continuing what they already did and finishing strong in order to overcome your biggest fear(not continuing).