Andrew Jackson

By Montrice


Andrew Jackson was one of the most important people in history. Born in a rough-and-tumble world,and always standing up to bullies.Going to war at the age of 13 was something Jackson chose to do with a hatred of the British. Jackson still lived a very truthful and fulfilling life. I'm sure Jackson had to have been immortal to survive so many bullets.


Andrew was an important man of American history, with his Scotch-Irish American pride, Jackson made it through a life of danger. He lived his childhood in a rough and tumble period of time. And lived on with a burning hatred for the people who try to take over his beloved country. He had lived his life with a blaze of fierceness and bravery in his heart,ready to implode. Overall, Jackson has been loved and hated, trusted and betrayed, and with those many experiences, Jackson became one of the most remarkable figures in American history.


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1. Scotch-Irish- of, relating to, or descended from Scottish settlers in Northern Ireland

2. rough and tumble- very competitive and aggressive

3. Immortal- exempt from death