"Scribe" the latest teen magazine!!!!

A magical new magazine covering every teen topic from the latest celebs to the hottest clothes. One hundred thin pages that explode with color every time you turn the page. This magazine just speaks the words "amazing glamorous" and "new" with the best format made specially to interest every reader.

What Scribe Can Do!!!

This magazine will plunge you into a world of celebrities and music that will give you the largest sense of fulfillment! Scribe will turn you from the most aloof person to the most popular and outgoing teen in your school! Also Scribe will keep you updated with the latest news and topics for keeping conversations rolling.

Would you rather read Scribe or a book?

Just think about it Scribe will offer you topics from all around the world in just one copy of it but a book is different. Most of the time in a book you only get one topic one place there's no variety! While in Scribe whatever your in the mood for is what you read! So really think about it...Scribe or a book?

The history of Scribe!

In 1967 the Scribe business began at first the business was slow but after a while it became more known. Then in 1995 we had a hit story and remarkably sold over fifty five million magazines to North and South America. Now though in 2013 we have had are largest magazine boom selling 59,768,939 magazines.