Emmilei Thomas

Ocean Biome

Coral Reef Food Web

In my food web, the sun is the source of all energy, at the bottom. The producer is the Phytoplankton, and the first level consumers are mussels, zooplankton, and shrimp. The second level consumers are mussels, starfish, jellyfish, crab, and sea turtles. Finally, the tertiary consumer is the tiger shark.

How Are Humans Affecting The Environment?

Chemical pollution is one way humans are destroying the reefs. They throw out pesticides and fertilizers that trickle down into the reefs, and kill zooplankton. Another way humans are terrible people is by overfishing. A bunch of humans fish every single year and when they're too concentrated in one spot, the fish population decreases, leaving nothing for the tertiary consumers. Tourism is also something you have to be careful with. When tourists come to a reef, they do not know what to do and what not to do as far as preserving the environment goes. Some communities are thinking ahead and inform the tourists before visiting the coral reefs.