Media Madness

The Downfall of our Society?

What is Media Literacy?

“Media”. It is a term that has taken up a whole new meaning to it. In the past, the media was just a resource used by people to view of the world through a number of limited sources from the comfort of their living room. These sources included books, television, radio, and newspaper just to name a few; each one with their own limitations. However, the introduction of the World Wide Web completely revolutionized the way we communicate with each other and the world. Today, this same information has made itself available in a much more varied array of outlets. These outlets are now accessible at the touch of a finger, literally giving us a link to the rest of the world that we can take anywhere. The combination of technology and social media in particular has morphed into something more personal and viewed by some as a necessary extension of ourselves in the present day world. To be “media literate” in turn has now become something more complicated to achieve, and vastly more important to understand. As the world evolves and changes, so does the way we interact and the way we perceive such interactions. To be media literate is to be able to understand the way people interact, express, and share with each other and with the world through both the new and old forms of media. This understanding enables us to progress even further but has become even more complicated due to the nature of the internet. As is expected of such big changes in society, the future place of social media is not exactly certain. What we do know is that we are in control of which direction we take it in.


T-Mobile’s Super Bowl ad, “No Contract,” featuring Tim Tebow, attempted to introduce the concept of their new no-contract phone plan to millions of people. This commercial used the famous football player Tim Tebow, who ironically and conveniently is currently a free agent in the player transfer market, and film him doing a number of exciting activities all of which can only be achieved under the freedom of having “no contract.” This commercial was one of the more clever ones and takes Tebow’s current situation and seamlessly merges it with their theme as a phone company in order to illustrate and bring attention to the benefits of a no-contract phone plan. The overall tone of this commercial is fun and joking as it has Tim Tebow poke fun at himself all the while promoting the product to the target audience, which most likely includes phone users on a contract plan and who have just enough knowledge of sports (football in specific) to laugh at the inside joke provided by Tebow himself.


Definition: A society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding.
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Dystopia: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a perfect example of a bloody dystopia taking place in the state of Georgia. Rick Grimes, the main protagonist, awakens from a coma in a hospital that has been completely abandoned, only to find out he now lives in a world where the dead have risen and are in the hunt for human flesh. This show shows exactly how the T-Virus disease has devastated the world and has humans living under oppression, forcing them to do gruesome things. The dead are way too many compared to the human survivors and they are overcrowding the streets. The survival is seen in how everyone is trying to stay alive and not get eaten by any of the walking dead. As the leader of the group, Rick is forced to deal with all these problems and do anything that is needed to keep the survivors alive.


Media Literacy has been the main topic we have been learning about throughout this entire semester in class. I have learned the good and the bad, the benefits and the disadvantages from media literacy. Media will help individuals connect with so many different people from around the world and will keep them up to date with the biggest and most recent news stories, but at the same time might also give away too many information about an individual and their private life just wouldn’t be private anymore. Our perception of media has dramatically changed over the years, having different forms through which we communicate. First people needed to wait days, sometimes even weeks, to send one message through the post to a beloved family member or friend. Now the message can be delivered within a matter of seconds literally with just a push of a button. The major works studied in class were linked to how people interacted in the world and dystopias, a subject that was the main topic in most of the works of literature we read. We saw how people reacted to one another and what they needed to do to survive in these dystopias. This class taught me a lot about media literacy. The only thing I would’ve liked to do is look into more recent and modern dystopias. But all in all it is a class that taught me well and I can’t really complain about.


This video has really made me think about how tiny we really are compared to the whole universe. The universe is so big that it makes me think that there is a possibility that there has to be life on other planets and definitely on other galaxies. This video has encouraged me to leave a mark on this tiny planet we call “Earth”. My dream as a little kid has always been to become a professional soccer player and leave a smile on everyone’s faces whenever I step on that field and they watch me play. I have always wanted to inspire other kids to love the game and want to do their very best to become the very best version of them. I know this dream isn’t too likely to happen but if it doesn’t then I would like to have a career where I can help out other people in any way possible. I’m about to leave high school and it has been an experience I will always remember. I am planning to move on to a better planet and meet plenty of more new people. I want to go out and make a difference in this planet earth we all call “home”.