Rising Sea Levels

Information about Rising Sea Levels

Reasons For Rising Sea Levels

The causes of rising sea levels is that of ozone depletion and global warming which causes the earth to heat up and when water heats up it expands the warmer it gets. The warming of the earth also causes ice burgs to melt and the ice falls into the sea causing it to rise.

Effects Rising Sea Levels Can have

UN Atlas reporting that 44 percent of the world lives in coastal areas within 150 kilometers of the sea, rising sea levels could have a major devastation on communities and surrounding wildlife such as coastal wetlands areas such as New York, Miami, Venice Italy and New Orleans could flood more severely or often citizens could lose their businesses and homes. Could cost Millions and even Billions of dollars in annual flood damages. Disappearing habitats. With the rise in sea levels it can also displace a lot of people causing them to move inland, with less land to work with and people being draw closer together this eliminates less land for crops and farming and the surrounding wildlife. With Sea Levels rising and the possibility of a major migration for some people it could also cause many conflicts such as a struggle for supplies like food water medical care and so on.

Damages caused by Rising Sea levels

Ways People Can Help

Reducing our emissions

National Center On Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Showed a study that aggressive steps to cut emissions could reduce sea levels by 6-20 inches in 2100. This is not a major fix to the problem but it will at least slow it down and reduce the rise.

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