Saturday, June 16th 1 pm - 7pm, Gas Works Park

Happenings: (from North to South)

Catch a Ride on the Purple Pedicab
(presented by Seattle Purple Cabs)
Ride in luxury to and from the Fremont Fair - it's affordable!

Live Music
(sponsored by Finn Records)
  • DJ Kalaka & Selecta Matsui (1pm)
  • Unite-One (3:15pm)
  • Manoogi Hi (4:30pm)
  • Rick Gene's Acoustic Laboratory (6:00pm)
  • Water Dragon Closing Ceremony (6:30pm)

NW Beer & Cider Garden
(sponsored by Columbia Distributing)
  • Manny's
  • Rainier
  • Lucille IPA

Delicious Food
Food trucks and booths:
  • Kaosamai Thai
  • Curry Now!
  • Tacos Gol
  • Cowboy's Ice Cream
  • Kristy's Cotton Candy
  • KIND Snack Bars
  • Shishkaberry

Bag Ban Photo Booth
(presented by Environment Washington)
Learn about bag ban legislation and get your picture taken with your petition.

Water Bottle Dragon
(presented by Zero Waste Seattle)
Get up close and personal with this 100 foot long fresh from the parade.

ForestEthics Putt Putt
(presented by ForestEthics and The RE Store Bellingham)

The People's Art Gallery
(presented by We The People Power)
Blank panels grace the walls of the beer garden. Come early, use your imagination, and give those beer-drinkers something to look at!

Public Living Room
(hosted by Yes! Magazine)
Pick up a free copy of Yes! Magazine and join in a juicy discussion about happiness, simplicity, your passion, new economy, community and other explorations of positive solutions. Free lemonade. Enter to win a lovely rattan living room set and other cool prizes.

Do You Want To Live Indoors? bean bag toss
Explore the options available to our homeless population. You could win a prize!

What Do You Value? game
(sponsored and presented by Verity Credit Union)
Become a Verity member for the day and toss your vote in for a local non-profit to win $250! What will you vote for? Education, Clean Energy, Environment, Financial Security, Housing/ Shelter, Health, Food or Democracy?

Citizen Activation Station
(hosted by Knowledge As Power)
Get to know about state and local government and how to get your voice heard on issues you care about. Play the wheel of fortune game.

Voter Registration
(hosted by League of Women Voters Washington)
Learn about your representatives and new laws about voter registration. Register to vote!

Track Your Money

Build Our Future… in cardboard
(sponsored by Alloy Design Group)
What would the city, town, village you'd like to live in look like. Grab some cardboard and a paintbrush and get creative.

Build Our Future scavenger hunt
(presented by GreenLife EcoRetreat)
Become a part of the creation of a new retreat center for sustainable living. Find the EcoRetreat additions to the cardboard village and win a prize.

Time Bank game

Imagine That! New Economy game
(sponsored by Equal Exchange Espresso Bar in Ballard)
description. Game participants will be entered to win one of two gift baskets from Equal Exchange. No one walks away empty handed!

Knock It Off! game
(hosted by GMO Free Washington)
Learn which foods contain GMOs by examining product labels try to remember to “Knock Off” the products on the table containing GMO ingredients. Correctly identify the GMO/ nonGMO foods AND have decent aim and you'll win a prize!

What Price is Right? game, Seasonal Vegetable Toss and Garden Crafts
(hosted by Just Garden Project and Northwest Farm Bill Action Group)
Play The Price is Right game with a twist! Compare three different food items and guess some numbers associated with them: price?, calories?, nutrients? Learn the real price of some commonly consumed foods. Then hop to the other table and create some garden art! Everyone wins!

Seed Ball Making
(hosted by Community Alliance for Global Justice)
Learn about food around the globe while you roll your very own seed ball with native seeds to populate an urban garden.

Meet the Chickens
(presented by Seattle Farm Co-op)
Learn what a local co-op is doing to help each other keep chickens, goats, bees, ducks and rabbits in Seattle back yards. And, of course, meet some sweet hens. Or try to toss the vegetable into the season when it is ripe and available from local sources and win.

Speak Your Mind! Buttons and Stickers & Video Opinion Booth
(presented by Get Money Out of Politics)
Get a chance to express yourself by making your own button or bumpersticker.
Your opinion counts. Weigh in with yours, and be part of a YouTube video.

Voices of the People (lend yours!)
(presented by American Friends Service Committee)
Enjoy a lively peppering of open mic, cooperative games, interactive discussion, music and dance.

Restore Our Waters
(hosted by Sustainable Seattle)
Learn all about raingardens and a local program that helps you save money and the environment! Check out a watershed model and compete in the soils race!

Cistern Display
(presented by Bristow Enterprises)
View three models of back yard cistern and learn how you can use rainwater in your home.

Capture the Sun
(sponsored and hosted by Sunergy Systems, Puget Sound Solar and Silicon Energy)
Tour a wide variety of solar technologies and try walking on a panel. They're strong!

Cook with the Sun
(presented by Solar Cookers International, SPD Night Out and Shoreline CC Solar Club)
Make your own solar cooker or one to donate to a local tent city. Mark the map of Seattle with where you will use your solar cooker in August on Neighbors Night Out.

Real Change
(presented by Real Change News)
Enjoy original art, poetry and interactive exercises with Real Change vendors and staff. Learn how this paper has become such a progressive and important part of the community.

Rebalance the Budget bean bag toss
Here's your chance to choose how the government spends our money! Homeland security or social security? The pentagon or public health? Be careful, it's easy for your money bags to slip into military spending!

Get Money Out of Politics stage and activity area
(presented by Get Money Out of Politics)
All day presentations and entertainment including special address by Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien, and presentations on corporate personhood, financialized v's real ecomomies, student debt, Citizens United, Citizen lobbying, the Blues Sisters, parcours and more!

Bobbing for Underwater Houses
(hosted by SAFE, Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction)
Houses float at the bottom of the fish tank. Can you pull them up from underwater and win? Or does Wall Street win?

Tax Loophole Hula Hooping
(presented by Washington Public Bank Coalition & Vuelta la Luna)
Learn how to hula hoop and how not to pay taxes if you made over $19 Billion last year.

House of Horrors
(presented by Get Money Out of Politics)
Enter if you dare, for what is contained within may haunt you into action!

About us

The Fremont Solstice Celebration is collaboration between Fremont Arts Council and We The People Power.