The merchent & the Elder

A tale of honesty and kindness.

One snowy day, there was a poor merchant was roaming the streets of a village. He was searching for a job that could give him enough money to feed his family. He wore a dirty brown jacket and faded blue jeans with several holes in them. The only fancy thing he had was a silver watch that was given to him by his grandfather before he passed away. It was his most valuable possession. He kept on walking and found no good jobs. He sadly trudged home. As he turned a corner, he tripped over a stick laying on the ground and his watch flew off his wrist and into a well! A old man in a brown coat came along and asked the man what was wrong. "I dropped something of mine in the well that was very valuable to me!" he said panicking. The man pulled the bucket out of the well. It was filled with gold bars and a shimmering diamond. "Are these yours?" the old man asked. "No." the man said sincerely. The old man dropped the bucket and pulled it back up. Inside was the silver watch! the man grabbed it and thanked the kind old man. As he walked home he thanked god for sending the kind old man to help him. Once he got home, his wife said "You will never guess what happened while you were gone!" She showed him a basket full of gems and gold bars! On the basket was a note that said "Honesty is a wonderful thing. The things you receive in return are unimaginable!"