Stopping By Woods By Robert Frost

By: J'Coyia Lewis


The poem may be about someone who takes a path through the woods and gets lost.


The speaker in the poem is on their way to a destination.The speaker has to take a path through the woods.It's a dark snowy night and their horse is confused. Yet,The speaker just sits in the beauty of the night.


The speaker is just saying that nature can be beautiful all by its self.


The tone of the speaker or the voice in the poem is in awe. The speaker is in awe of the night sky.


The shift in the poem is when the horse shakes its bells to ask why they are just sitting there in the woods instead of moving forward.


The title really means that sometimes if you just stop and mask in nature and think you can move ahead.


The theme of this poem is basically about just appreciating nature and whats around you.