History of Law

Elisa Chen

Mosaic Law

The legal philosophy of Moses and the Law of Moses is the first world in the Bible was first set in book of joshua They are around 1700BC Moses law, it is composed of three parts: the ten commandments and opinions and worship of the arrangement, including the clergy, the tabernacle of the product and at fetes. In mosaic law, homosexual are against the law. Back then common sentences really believe in that opposite genders should be married and people who are homosexual, they are against the law and would get a punishment because of who they are. But now the society and the common sentences are getting better than before. At least in Canada, being a homosexual people are legal.

The Code of Hammurabi

· The code of Hammurabi of ancient Mesopotamia, they are about 1772. It is one of the world's oldest deciphered writings. Babylonian Codex preserved their law, according to the social status of slaves and free people by grading them. And for someone else to take care of to stay in the damaged house collapsed the responsibility are the builders. Third address code as inheritance divorce, sexual problems father and household dealing and kin dealing. Back then people who is committing a robbery and got caught, they would be put into death. Law #22: "If any one is committing a robbery and is caught, then he shall be put to death." (wiki source) The legal principal back then where strike, then now it is. In Canada, if you robbed something you would only be in prison are a few years, it won’t cause a death, but only in serious condition that the person stole a lot and also had injured someone, they might have to sentence to death.

The Rule of Law / King John 1199-1216

The rule of law, not arbitrary decisions, the rules of government functionaries. It mainly refers to the authority of the social and legal influence, especially for behavioral constraints, contains the conduct of government officials. Development of legal concepts, the history of many olden civilizations, including ancient Greece, China, Mesopotamia, India and Rome. One of the law in the rule of law was” The government and it’s official and agents as well as individuals and private entities are accountable under the law”. (website : worldjusticeproject)1215, Stephen Langton, who is the baron in England forced King John and the dominion of law in the future under the sovereignty and the referee back in exchange for strict tax Magna Carta retain ancient freedom. But now in some countries the government corruption the money from citizens and they are not following the rules sometime, it was more organized before than now.

Feudalsim, Common Law, Precedent

"Feudalism" This is a social ideology, that is, human consciousness determines social. Social form of this ideology is the existence of feudal society.the world (nation) is not for the public, packet to one noble princes, or as the Greek tribes since a separatist. Centralized feudal society was through war or tribal city-states formed an alliance contract by central and local tribute, taxes, send donations to the operation of the system. Countries such as North Korea and China they are countries that’s feudalism, there are limits to people to know the outside world, and they can’t go on websites such as Facebook,YouTube, and twitter etc.

The Common law, consult to the English common law developed on the footing of the law in general. It was first produced in the UK, a subsidiary of many countries and regions in the country, including the United States, Canada, India and etc. In the 18th century to the 19th century, with the expansion of the British colony, the British law was passed in these countries and regions, common law has finally developed into one of the world's major legal systems. Some differences exist in terms of their legal classification, the Constitution in the form of court powers and so on.

Precedent, or ability is turned on or convince a tribunal or other tribunal decided subsequent cases similar problem, in principle, coupled with old case law.