The Frozen Continent


Have you ever wanted to go somewhere deserted where wildlife takes over, then Antarctica is your next destination. Antarctica is home millions of species of marine animals. It also hosts scientifics who com to study ice.

The Drake Passage

Going to Antarctica is a very dangerous as you need to cross the Drake Passage from Terra del Fuego although it is very rewarding. The Drake Passage is very stormy and the winds can blow at more than 150km/h. You'd better stay in your cabin.

Whaling Stations and Scientific Bases

During your trip you will not only see wildlife, you can also visit many whaling stations such as the one in Whaler's Bay. If you are interested in Science, the you should visit Palmer Station on Anvers Island and the González Videla Base in Paradise Bay.

Natural Jacuzzi

If you ever visit Deception Island, bring your bathing suit. On the Island there is a crater, which heats the water around it. You can swim in the sea but don't go too far or you will suffer from hypothermia.

Thank You

I hope this will persuade you to visit Antarctica, The Frozen Continent!