What is it?

The flute is an instrument made by a tube with holes that are stopped by keys or notes.


The flute was made by a person that started to distinguish the different pitches to make the instrument. These instruments were then copied, but they had some changes to them.

There are many different type of flutes in the world like the cross-flute and the German flute. The keys on the flute can be made with the same metal as the tube but if you want it different you can. Their are three parts of the flute the head joint, body joint, and foot joint.


A professional musician must have an instrument with a very high quality this includes the sound, the way the instrument is played ,and if its notes work properly. Most of the time a musician will test many head joints before the chose one that they prefer. The instrument that a person chooses can influence the design of the flute. A musician that plays the flute is called a flutist, or a flute player.


Next to the drum, the most important Native american instrument is the flute. It is very difficult to find a flute that was carved by an actual Native american. A Native american flute is very different form the African, Asian or European flute. Most flutes today are made by American or Asian people. The flutes that were made by Native Americans was usually made to sound like rich animal sounds.
Bamboo Flute - Birah Bhariyo Ghar Aangan Kone, Part II