A street through time

by Nick,Noah,and Lincoln


in a world where everything was different. From clothes to homes to weapons. They weren't anything like it was today. Listen to the following if you want to know about the world before today

The Stone Age 10,000 B.C.

Many years ago the world was very different. and not just one or two things. Everything was different! From clothes to houses. The houses were the biggest difference. They weren’t even houses! They were tepees, a structure with sticks forming an upside down cone with animal skin for walls. And the clothes were just animal skin made in tunics and they had fur inside. The people also had spears and bows and arrows to hunt for food. The people also had fishing rods to fishing and the people of village were making canoes so they can go down the river that is next to their village. The people of the village also had fire to cook meat and keep. This what 10,000 B.C. was like

First Farmer 2,000 BC

First Farmer: Foods

In the age of the First Farmers they did mostly farming. They also started to keep herds so they didn't have to follow them any more. They hung the meat over the fire so it would cook. Also in this time they started to keep animals to breed them. Also the people weaved and did pottery. The people usually weaved baskets. The homes were bigger and made out of bigger wood.

Iron Age: 600 B.C.

In the Iron Age they started to breed animals. They started to breed cows and other animals. They also started to ride horses to get around.In the iron age they had skills to get and smelt iron and craft into tools with an anvil. They also had tall spiked fences to keep out enemy tribes.

100 A.D.

In 100 A.D. the village was much more high tech. Instead of having tiny canoes the people had huge wooden boats. There was also a bath house for people in the village to get clean. And there were also toilets. For the rich kids in the village there were schools for them. There were also huge temples. The houses were much bigger and made of stone. there were also soldiers to protect the people of the village. In one house there is a kitchen with a stove and two bed rooms. As you can see this village is much more high tech then the iron age




many things have changed over time. To find out about more time periods read the book a Street Through Time a 12,000- year walk through history by Dr. Anne Millard and illustrated by Steve Noon