By: Kamran Ramsey and Ryan Pate

Joseph Niepce made the first good working camera in 1816

Whats the purpose of the artifact?

The purposes is to take pictures.

Who is the original inventor?

The original inventor and who owns the patent is Geogke Eastman.

How was it used when originally invented? How is it used today?

It was originally used to take pictures and its still used today to take pictures.

What are some of the innovations that this product has undergone since its original invention?

One of the innovations are at around 1925 cameras became smaller and another is around the 1980's digital cameras were made.

Which of these areas of technology best classifies the artifact?

Information and Communication

How has this product impacted society in a positive way?

This product is positively impacting by showing important information to others.

How has this product impacted society in a negative way?

A negative impact would be cameras used to invade privacy.

Science:The materials used to make the camera.

Technology:Make the parts or components of the camera.

Engineering:To design the camera and its components.

Math:To have the measurements for the components and the camera.

If you had the ability to change this product in any way, what would you change?

If i were to change the camera, I would have most of the small cameras have a bigger sensor.
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