Dance teacher

Tap, Jazz,Ballet,Point,Lyrical,Pom,Hip Hop.


Dance Is a physical science. Because of the body movement and flexibility. To be able to be a dance teacher you have to be flexible strong and Confident. If u have thoughs, three things down then you should be set!

Education path training school and college

If I like to be a dance teacher I would have to take drama dance teacher education. I would to Milwaukee For college. I Would not need a GPA I would just have to graduate high school. My employer would be Raina Altman.

Raina, Brittany, Allie, Jessica, Allison

Fun and Unique

Dancing is fun and Unique

Dance is fun and unique because u get to learn new things ever time! And most people think that it's the easiest thing in the world Especially the boys but its not it takes years and years of practice that's what I want to be a dance teacher to teach the next Generation of dancers, just like my teachers thought me and are still teaching me. You have to be strong graceful and have vary good balance and it takes a lot of flexibility that is one of the mean keys of dance.


I could see my self in this job because its something I like to do I'm thinking I will just have this job to start my career. and then hopefuly I will have my own dance studio later on in life. The pros of this job is that I like the job because sometimes I do help teach classes and I have a lot of fun so to be a actual teacher will be even more fun. And the con is that they don't make alot of money when there just a teacher so that's why I'm hopefuly going to start off my career as a teacher some where and then have a studio later on in life and that's why I want to be a dance teacher


It is easy to get a job as a nice teacher. You just have to be good enof, and most plaeces with employ you.