EDITION #16 - WEEKS OF NOV. 18, 2019 & NOV. 25, 2019


November 18 - Report Cards Sent Home

November 22 - Erin's Law Presentations

November 27 - 29 - Thanksgiving Break - No School

December 2 - Classes Resume

December 2 - Art Show Reception at Woodstock Public Library

December 4 - Late Start

Art Show runs from December 2 - January 8

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Did you know that reading is a really great way to help your child think critically? You can sharpen thinking by encouraging your children to imagine these twists as they read:

Imagine Where ~

Ask your youngster to pretend the story takes place somewhere different. What would change or stay the same if the characters lived in outer space instead of on a farm?

Imagine When ~

How about if a story were set in another era? Perhaps your child is reading a novel about a wagon train journey in pioneer days. What might happen if it is moved to the present day - with computers, cell phones and other modern technology?

Imagine Who ~

What if a different character told the story? Your child might change the narrator from a sloth to a cheetah, for example. What if the character was YOU?


Our school nurse, Mrs. Diamond, continues to provide exceptional care for our students and staff! We greatly appreciate all she does. Please contact her with any questions about your child's care, and also keep her updated on any health or medication changes.

Please be reminded that school district employees (including the school nurse) cannot administer or supervise a student’s self-administration of any prescription or non-prescription medication to a student until a completed and signed “School Medication Authorization Form” is submitted by the student’s parents or guardians. This form can be found on the district website or can be provided by the school nurse if needed. Additionally, medication may not be sent to school with a child under any circumstances. If a student brings medication to school, it will remain under the control of the school until a responsible adult comes for it. Cough drops should be provided by the parent with a signed note from the parent. Elementary students may not keep cough drops with them in the classroom, and will be required to use cough drops in the office under supervision to prevent choking.


The art curriculum is built on the six elements of art — line, shape, color, space, form and texture — directing a child's observations, conversations and creations. We begin with line in first grade adding on elements at each grade level and incorporating it into two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects. The students are recognizing that literacy, math, science and social studies influence our artwork.

Bringing art into a child's life helps them build creativity, visual knowledge and communication skills.

Mon., Dec. 2 will be the opening night of the District 200 Winter Art Show. Hope you have the opportunity to head to the Woodstock Public Library to see some outstanding artwork created by students in grades 1-12 from District 200. The show will be on display through Jan. 8 during regularly scheduled Library hours.


November in Physical Education the students will continue experiencing working with partners and small groups on various activities.

In December we welcome the indoor GaGa pit to the gym. Thanks

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Thanks so much to our kitchen staff for having lunch and breakfast ready each day! - Mrs. Savino, Mrs. Roth, and Mrs. Jeschke

MUSIC PROGRAMS 2019 - 2020

MUSIC PROGRAMS 2019 - 2020 ♬♪

December 17 @6pm - 4th & 5th Grade Orchestra

December 19 @6pm - 5th Band and Chorus

February 20 @6pm - 1st Grade Music

February 20 @7pm - 2nd Grade Music

March 16 @7pm - D200 Choral Festival

April 8 @6pm - 3rd Grade Music

April 20 @7pm - D200 Band Festival

April 30 @6pm - 5th Grade Music and Chorus

May 7 @6pm - 4th Grade Music

EDITION #16 - WEEKS OF NOV. 18 & 25, 2019

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