by Andi and Caleb


1. Chloroplasts are used for photosynthesis.

2. They have a double membrane around them.

3. The space inside is called the stroma. The space may contain starch grains and lipid bodies.

4. In the stroma are structures called thylakoids.

5. The thylakoids are stacked to form structures called grana. The grana contain the pigment chlorophyll along with some secondary pigments.


Where its found

Chloroplasts are specialized organelles found in all higher plant cells. These organelles contain the plant cell's chlorophyll responsible for the plant's green color and the ability to absorb energy from sunlight


About them

Chloroplasts have a double outer membrane. Within the stroma are other membrane structures - the thylakoids. Thylakoids appear in stacks called "grana" (singular = granum


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