Oso Mudslide

By:Mason Taing , Seth Diggs

Oso Mudslide Description

The Oso Mudslide was located in Washington close to Seattle. Plus it killed 44 people and obliterated a river side neighborhood. It also demolished the state highway 530. The Oso Mudslide potentially caused significant damage to the Stillaguasmish river.
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Ecological Impact on The Oso Mudslide

But experts say it looks like the long-term potential for contamination of the pristine waters and surrounding areas is minimal.Estimated 10 million tons of soil came down Saturday, March 22nd.The destruction of dozens of houses created a toxic mixtures of household chemicals, gasoline, diesel, heating oil and other chemicals, along with human waste from septic tanks. Crews in the area are undergoing decontamination after working in all the nasty stuff.

Restoration Efforts for the Oso Mudslide

Over 12,000 individuals, nearly 100 corporate and foundation partners and 120 fundraisers and benefits have made it possible for us to be a long-term presence in these communities. With more than $1 million available to help families and individuals. The rebuilding and recovery process over the last two years.Of the $4.56 million received by United Way and Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation, almost 70% has already been distributed.
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