Best Projects for Technology

By Antonio Martin 6/9/15 2nd Hour


We had to create a blogging page. I think this one of my best projects because my mom wants to create a cooking blog and now I can show this to her.

Tagul Word Cloud Assignment

For the Word Cloud assignment, we had to answer the questions and set it to repeat the words. The words that got repeated more are bigger on the word cloud. The questions were like: 1. What is a word that describes me that starts with the same letter as my first name? Repeat this word 10 times. I believe this is one my best projects because I am talking about the things I like and it has my family's name on it.
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Voice Thread Assignment

We had to screen shot the Thematic books we made and upload them to Voice Thread. He had to record ourselves and create an audio book for the story we wrote. I like this project because I wrote the book for my little brother. I could take this home and let him listen to this when he is going to sleep.


We made a collage with photos of us and our family and friends. I like this project because I got a chance to go through all of my pictures for when I was a 7 years old and pictures even older than that. I especially like this picture because I put a picture on the collage with me and my grandpa and that is important because I haven't seen him in about a year and a half.
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Biography using Smore

We had to make a biography about someone we look up to. I chose Stephen Curry. I like this project because I like to write about basketball and other sports. I got to write a basketball biography about Stephen Curry. We used different tools to present the information on the Smore page.