Cardinal Richelieu

By: Brent & Daniel

Why do you care?

The Cardinal became the 1st minister of France under the reign of Louis XIII around 1610. Because of Louis young age, Richelieu became the minister (aka the babysitter). In his life he mainly concentrated on:

1. Developing a royal system of administration

2. Adding more intendants (bosses) who supervised tax collection

3. Recruited men for the army

4. Presided over local administration

5. Checked up on the nobility

6. Regulated local economic activities.

- He has also become a reacquiring character in pop culture!

Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

- The Cardinal was introduced to the world in 1589

- He was ordained at the age of 21 years old (that is really young)

- He was appointed chaplain to the new queen Anne of Austria

- At the same time he was appointed secretary of the state for war and foreign affairs

- After and influential murder, his friend was exiled and he went with her

- He acted as a "go between" between Marie (his friend) and her son

- Through this he gained power and became Louis personal cardinal (babysitter)

- In 1642 he passed