Timberview Family Newsletter

September 25, 2015

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School-Wide Fundraiser Continues!

The school-wide fundraiser continues and boy what a successful week we had! Our goal is to sell $60,000 in chocolate which would net us a $30,000 profit. So far we have sold a grand total of $5,283.65 for a profit of $2,641.83. We have a long way to go, but we have made a lot of progress in just a few days! We have several superstars who have sold a box each day!

Reminder: students must bring bring a signed permission form in order to take that first box of chocolate with them to sell.


Q. How does this fundraiser work? Students will bring a signed parent permission slip allowing them to begin selling the chocolate. There will be a table set up before (8:00-8:30) and after school (3:30-4:00) near the counseling office where students can turn in their permission slips, pick up boxes of chocolate, and turn in money.

Q. When is the fundraiser? It will run for 3 weeks: September 21- October 9.

Q. How much does the product cost? There are 30 chocolate bars/boxes in each large box. Each piece is $2 making each box worth $60. To take one box of product home to sell, the student does not have to pay anything. The student/family will be responsible for returning unsold product and/or the money for the product sold.

Q Can parents/students pick up more than one box at a time? Yes, however if more than one box is picked up at a time, student/family must pay upfront for the product in additional boxes. Example: A student wants to take two boxes of product home to sell. That student takes the first box home at no charge; the student pays $60 to take the second box home.

Q. Can students sell at school? No! Nutrition guidelines prohibit the selling of chocolate to students during school, and students are not to sell to anyone during the school day. We will have boxes of chocolate available for families, guests, and staff to purchase product in the library and at the front desk anytime they like. Students should neither buy nor sell chocolate during the school day.


Prizes are AWESOME! For EVERY box a student sells, they get one opportunity to grab a bill from a money box filled with bills of various denominations. Once 3 boxes have been sold, in addition to the 3 money grabs, the student's name will go into a drawing for one of four $100 gift cards! The top for sellers in the school will receive an android tablet. AND, the top selling Advisory class receives a 5 pound chocolate bar to share!

Prizes will be awarded all at one time at a pep rally TBD after all sales are complete.

Why are we using World's Finest Chocolate for fundraising? Profit from this fundraiser is 50%. The school makes $1 off of every $2 candy bar. The money will go to purchase student furniture for the collaboration areas and a desperately needed refresh of our students' classroom technology.

Please contact Angela Wilson via email, angela.wilson@kellerisd.net for questions.

Thank you so much for supporting Timberview MIddle School!


Interested in being a HAWK DAD Mentor?

We are looking for dads, stepdads, community members. and granddads willing to mentor some of our students! If you have any interest, please visit the link below and we will send you more information about how you can help mentor a Timberview students.


PTA Reflections

Express your artistic talents with the PTA Reflections competition. The categories include, dance choreography, Musical composition, photography, visual arts, film production, and literature.

  • This year's theme is "Let Your Imagination Fly".
  • Students may enter any or all of the six categories;
  • Submit entries to Advisory teacher or the front office by 3:30 PM, Friday, October 30;
  • Artwork selected to advance will be announced at the TMS " Night to Shine" on November 19th when all entries will be proudly displayed for public viewing;
  • Artists whose work is selected to advance must have a registered PTA member in their household (member number required);

For contest details visit; http://www.txpta.org/programs/reflections

Run in the Dark

Timberview is a proud supporter of the Community Storehouse Run in the Dark event, which raises fund for our local children living at or below the poverty level.

Once again with our amazing community's support, Timberview won the Storehouse Cup for Secondary School participation! We are so proud of all our participants and want to thank Coach Gatzemeyer for her hard work and dedication to this event every year!

For more information about how the Community Storhouse supports our community, please follow this link, http://www.runinthedarkdfw.com/.


These are highlights of upcoming events. For the full calendar, including all TMS sporting and fine arts events, please check out our web site calendar!

Sept 29 KISD Marching Expo

Oct 2 Pre-K through 8th Grade Early Release

Oct 9 Dance Team Sponsored Fast 4s Tournament

Oct 12 Student Holiday/Staff Development

Oct 20 Fall Choir Concert

Oct 22 House Bill 5 Parent Meeting

Oct 23 Picture Make Up and Sports group pictures

Oct 23 Choir Fundraiser begins

Yearbook Ordering

The beginning of the year is the best time to buy your student a yearbook. The 2015-2016 yearbook staff is already hard at work taking pictures and saving memories from this first week of school. You can add items to the yearbook like your student’s name by going to www.yearbookforever.com where you can order your book using a credit card. If you would like to purchase the yearbook at school a yearbook flyer is available in the eMonday folder, http://bit.ly/1QLEE2B, and for pick-up in the TMS front office.

The TMS yearbook was a nationally recognized book last year. This year we hope to move to the next level with outstanding photography, exciting stories and exceptional design. Be among the first purchase your book at the sale price of $40. If you have need assistance please email Jennifer.Bass@Kellerisd.net

High School Football Information

Our KISD Athletics Department has put together some informational flyers for high school football games. They include parking guides for KISD stadium, the guidelines for tailgating, and information for purchasing tickets. They are located in our eMonday folder at the following link http://bit.ly/1VeeDLM.

Update on Houses and House Shirts

At this point all of our students at TMS should have been sorted into houses. If for some reason your student does not have a house yet, there has been an error and we need to know. Please contact the student's grade level lead teacher as follows:
  • 5th Grade - Roy Sanchez
  • 6th Grade - Kathy Cundiff
  • 7th Grade - Laura Thomas
  • 8th Grade - Sheryl Schickedanz

We have ordered a full assortment of colors and sizes of house shirts since we ran out of them earlier in the school year. We expect them to be available no later than this Wednesday, September 30, for purchase. They are $5 each.



The tennis team competed in their first match of the season last Monday at Central High School against Hillwood. Overall, Timberview had an outstanding showing, beating Hillwood 9-1. Great job to all of our girls, Coach Anderson ranted and raved about their performance that evening.

This week the tennis team will be at Keller High School on Monday, September 28.

Cross Country

Yesterday’s race was so exciting! Needless to say, I am very proud of the girls! Despite the warmer running conditions, they excelled! The 7th grade girls team came in 1st overall out of five teams at the KISD MS meet. Although the official results show that the 8th grade girls team finished in 4th place overall, one of our top runners was not included in that calculation. After recalculating the team score with the correction, our 8th grade girls finished in 2nd place overall! Awesome!

Next Wednesday’s meet will be held at Central High School at 4:30 pm. This upcoming meet is the KISD Zone meet where the top performing individuals and teams will qualify to run in the Meet of Champs the following Wednesday afternoon.

Again, we are so proud of the young ladies and thankful for the support they receive at home!!


The volleyball teams competed in their first match of the year last Thursday at Timber Creek High School against Trinity Springs. It was evident how hard those girls have been working in practice each day to prepare for the season. Results from the evening are listed below:

7th A – TSMS Win (10-25, 25-20, 15-17)
7th B – TMS Win (25-16, 25 – 16)
7th C – TMS Win (26-24, 25 – 12)

8th A – TMS Win (25-17, 25 – 17)
8th B – TSMS Win (19-25, 25-20, 12 – 15)
8th C - TSMS Win (25-22, 14-25)

Volleyball teams will be back in action on Thursday, Sept. 24th taking on Wilson Middle School of Northwest ISD. The 7th grade teams will play at Timberview, while the 8th grade teams will travel to Wilson. “C” Team games begin at 5pm, with the “B” team game following, and “A” team game rounding out the night.


Mrs. Jackson's Blog Has Moved!

Mrs. Jackson has moved her blog to a Wordpress site that will allow for much greater functionality. The new site will include photos, videos, and the ability for parents, family, students, staff, and anyone else who might be interested to comment and provide feedback. Please access the new blog, TMS Hawks Learn, below!

Join Timberview PTA

By becoming a member of TMS PTA, you can become an important part of helping to ensure plans become a reality. You may come to TMS PTA general meeting where you can vote and voice your ideas that can benefit your children and the school. For the first time, you may register for the PTA online, allowing anyone who would like to donate to the PTA by becoming a member, anywhere in the country, able to do so easily. Please follow the link here for more information.

The first General Assembly PTA meeting will be before the Mini School on September 3, from 5:30-5:45 PM.

The new PTA website is http://www.timberviewpta.org/

PTA has a Facebook page, so check them out for all they do for our students!

Kroger Donations to PTA

You may enroll online your Kroger Plus card at the websitewww.KrogerCommunityRewards.comand link Timberview Middle School PTA to have Kroger donate a percentage of sales to the Timberview PTA. No more flyer to bring to the cashier! TMS PTA Rewards number is 90463, or you may select our organization from the list and click on confirm once you register your card online. Thank you for supporting the TMS PTA!

Nurse's Notes


Students are not allowed to carry medications in their backpacks or on them throughout the school day. All medication requires a form to be completed and medication will be given in the nurse’s clinic. Students may carry an inhaler if the physician signs paperwork and approves the child capable of administering the medication. Again there are forms to be completed and turned into the nurse’s office. The forms can be found at the following link in the eMonday folder, http://bit.ly/1VQCtgS. Please call Nurse Danielson with any questions or concerns at 817-744-2620.

Visit the KISD website and click on Our Schools, on the left hand side click Need to Know and then click Health Services or follow this link:


There is a new folder within the eMonday folder that has nurse flyers and information that she would like passed along to parents. The link is, http://bit.ly/1BmFvxx, and will be updated as new information is obtained.

If you need an Epi-Pen you may go to the following link for help.