King Elementary School Read Alouds

A King Connections Special Edition- Volume X

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Dear King Families

Volume 10 of our Read Aloud Special Editions is here with 7 new stories!! We hope you listen to each and every one of them!

Be sure to check out the link below. This website is a wonderful resource with action guides and children's book suggestions that may be helpful when reading aloud to children about difficult topics or to spark conversations with children about difference. Please take a look!

Virtually Yours,

The King Team!

Big picture Here!!

This a WONDERFUL resource !

Ms. Bick reads "The Case for Loving" by Selina Alko
Ms Boudrow Reads Two Bad Ants
It Looks Like a Dog
Ms.Buckley Reads "Clark the Shark"
Ms Malkin Reads Memoirs of Hamster
Mrs Mello Reads Owen, by Kevin Henkes
Ms.Buckley reads "Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus"