Siegrist Parents


Welcome to Siegrist!

We are so excited to build renewed, long-lasting relationships with families. The concept of K-5 schools is something that I have hoped for over the course of the last 6 years. The idea of getting to know families and students over 6 years rather than the short term relationships of the past is very exciting to all of us.

One thing that you will notice is that Siegrist is getting a face lift. A few cosmetic upgrades are on the schedule for the summer, but you cannot replace the warmth that we hope you feel as you walk into our building in August. We have amazing plans to make this K-5 educational experience one that you and your children will always remember.

We are excited to explore student leadership, renew parent relationships through opportunities to volunteer and share your expertise, and expand upon the rich educational opportunities that are only available in a K-5 building.

Our staff has spent a great deal of time during this Spring to develop a concept of learning that is fresh and innovative. This concept transforms the time we have together on early release days. Going forward early release days will be INNOVATION DAYS at Siegrist. The day will start with a student led assembly and will flow into innovative teaching blocks and student innovation teams. These days will be designed by a team of teachers whose focus will be to engage students through 21st century learning topics and methods. We hope to engage parents to participate in these days partnering with us to lead students to explore leadership through topics they are passionate about.

We are searching for the LEADER in YOU!

Below you will find some interesting partnerships that we would like to offer to parents. If you find yourself with a skill set that can enhance the environment or learning experience our students share, please consider one of the commitments below. Some of these jobs are for 1 hour during PLC weeks, and some can be done in the summer or in the evenings or weekends. If you miss the sign up, don't worry, once we establish our student information teams, there are many more specialties that will open up for your consideration.

Again, we are so lucky to have an amazing parent and families support group to work with....and we can't wait for next year.

Yours truly,

Jen McClure, Principal

Kali Young, Asst. Principal

Skilled Hand Printer- Summer Time- July/August

Monday, July 11th, 9pm

1701 Branch Street

Platte City, MO

These person/people would help us write on large spaces with Paint or Paint Pen. If you are a design guru or love hand printed are our person/people.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Graphic Designer / Technology Whiz - Summer

Thursday, July 14th, 12am

1701 Branch Street

Platte City, MO

If you love making power points, and photo collages, this is the past time for you. We need lots of fun graphics to display on our TVs to open the year. This could easily be done from home in your spare time, but we would be so happy to use it at school.

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Watch Dog Dad Coordinator/Team Member- No Specific Date

Tuesday, May 17th, 12:15am

1701 Branch Street

Platte City, MO

This person can work with school personnel as our building Watch Dog Dad coordinator. This could be a co-leader roll if more than one person is interested.

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Seamstress- Throughout the year

Wednesday, June 8th, 9pm

1701 Branch Street

Platte City, MO

We are looking for someone who can sew. We are making indoor awnings for our new city scape at Siegrist, and we need someone who can help us carry out the vision by sewing our awnings.

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Comeback Crew

Wednesday, Aug. 10th, 12am to Tuesday, Aug. 16th, 12am

1701 Branch Street

Platte City, MO

This is a group of parents who are interested in assisting our teachers in setting up classrooms. We have a lot of moving to do and classrooms needs to be set up for the first time for many of our teachers. If we could get a crew of parents who could be available to help with all of the little things that teachers need we would be eternally grateful.

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Interior Decorating- Monthly Meetings

Wednesday, Aug. 24th, 12am

This is an online event.

There will likely be a student innovation team that works on beautification of the interior of the building. This would be a great way to let your decorating sense be applied to a space that your children enjoy every day. This person /people will partner with a staff member who will sponsor this innovation team.

And more to come....

As our Student Innovation Teams begin to meet then I am sure that we will have more opportunities for people to share specific skills and interest. Stay tuned...

Next communication

The admin team will continue to provide all of the future Siegrist families with ongoing communication. Our summer communication will include the following topics:

June- Renovation Updates, proof of residency requirements and processes, enrollment details

July- Back to School night information, transportation details (car rider arrival and dismissal), school supplies, potential school tour availability (pending construction timelines).

August- Teacher assignments and details about class placements, important dates for the school year, new student enrollment dates.