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Spiritual Warfare Notes

Spiritual Warfare

We are in a Spiritual battle all the time. Even though we do not notice it, it is always happening around us.

Spiritual warfare is the battle between good and evil for our souls. Angels who are servants of God are fighting on our behalf.

Angels, Demons and Prayer


  • Angels are God's servants.
  • They do not marry.
  • They are sent to be messengers, protectors and to worship God.
  • Angels might not even have wings
  • They are neither male or female

Gabriel gave messages, myriads of angels are described as watching over the army of God and the angels came on the night Jesus was born to the shepherds to worship Jesus.


Demons are fallen angels. They are angels who have chosen to fall away from God. In the battle in heaven, 1/3 of the angels chose to fall away from God. Demons are Satan's servants. They can possess and provoke people, but they flee at the sound of Jesus' name.


Prayer is our way of communicating with God. Because of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, we can talk to God directly without a priest. Prayer can draw us closer to God; we can tell him our desires, our sins, our thanksgivings.

When we pray, we can pray in a special format called the ACTS prayer.

A- Adoration: When you pray to God, adore him and praise his Holy Name.

C- Confession: We should confess and repent our sins every single time we pray. God hears our prayer and can forgive us. This brings us closer to him and reminds us why Jesus' had to die for us. We are covered by His blood.

T- Thanksgiving: Jesus taught us to thank God for all he has given us. Similar to adoration, thanksgiving reminds us of God's sovereign mercy and His abundant blessings for us.

S- Supplication: Another word for requesting things of God. At the end of our prayer we bring our requests to God, asking him for healing mercies, for blessings, for protection, etc.