By Caitlin Corthon

United Nations for a Change!

The United Nations was formed when fifty - one countries signed a charter. The goal of UN is to keep international peace and security. The United Nations also give humanitarian help to those in need. People who work for the UN fight hard to keep international laws and protect civilians.The UN helps about 150 million people each year. The United Nations is an organization that helps those in need, keeps peace, and work to improve the quality of life for everybody.

Hitler, a Deadly Dictator

From the time Hitler was a child he had shown interest in German Nationalism. Hitler was accepted into the German Army in 1914. After the Great Depression Hitler began to put the blame for his country being poor on the Jewish people around him. Hitler wanted retaliation and thought killing off all the Jews would be best for Germany. In less than 10 years Hitler and the Nazi Army had killed about 6 million Jews. The Jews were forced into extermination camps where they were barely fed, forced to work, and eventually killed. As Germany entered WWII Hitler had faith that his country would win but in 1945 Hitler's mind started to change. He predicted his country would lose and this to Hitler was unbearable. Hitler committed suicide.
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