The Shining Star

Room 12

PJ and Movie Day!

Monday the 10th and Tuesday the 11th we will be enjoying a movie day! Feel free to wear your pajamas and bring a little snack to eat during the movie. We are still trying to figure out what movies we will be voting to watch. We are looking forward to it!

Saint Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is coming up soon. We will be reading about Leprechauns on March 12th and 13th and making some St. Patrick's Day snacks to try. If you would like to send a St. Patrick's Day themed snack to share with the kids, you are more than welcome to! We will also be making a small gift to send home.

Academic Focus

Starting this month we have shifted our focus from number recognition to letter recognition. When kids almost all shown growth with recognizing numbers 1-20, but it is always an area that we can continue to work on. We have now started activities with letters. When you see activities come home, remember to ask your child about them and work with them on their letters if you have the opportunity!

Here are a few ways you can support their growth at home:
Number Roll and Search

Egg Carton Number Game

Alphabet Hunt

Fishing Game

Finding Letters on the Road

Letter Link

Fly Swatter Letter Find

You can even find games on iPads and tablets for letters and numbers.

Dates to Remember

March 17 - March 21 - Spring break

March 25 - 27 - Grace student pictures

April 8 - Grace Parent Workshop 6:30pm

April 18 - April 21 - April break

April 24 - Messy night

Upcoming Birthdays


7- Taleen

8- Jasmine

11- Alyssa

23- Taylor

25- Isabelle


3- Lincoln

9- Faith

10- Mason


21- Asha

23- Lidia

24- Kevin

27- Emmara