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#IL3 Newsletter Friday, August 27, 2021

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Friday Message 8 27 21

Board Report: August 26, 2021

Dr. Sugg's Report

The Last Mile Project: Students in five neighborhoods in Shelbyville will have access to wi-fi on school devices. Read the article in this newsletter.

MASKS: At this time, the Kentucky Board of Education’s mask regulation is still in effect that requires everyone - students, staff, and visitors to wear a face-covering inside schools and offices, despite the recent legal action and rescinding of Governor Beshear’s executive order requiring masks in schools.

VIRTUAL LEARNING POSSIBILITY: While last year schools were allowed unlimited NTI days, the state legislature allows us 10 NTI days this year for weather and illness-related emergencies and we want to use them wisely. The goal of Shelby County Public Schools is to stay in person for five days a week as much as possible. We do have the local authority to close schools temporarily due to illness or emergency. If the district or independent school were to close, the days would be made up at the end of the school year.

VOLUNTARY COVID-19 TESTING: This strategy is voluntary and by the consent of the parent only. We begin bi-monthly testing today for those students whose parents have given consent. We are also beginning to test students who want to “test to stay” in school to shorten quarantine time. We have sent information home to families through Blackboard and in hard copy packets. If you’d like to take part in the voluntary testing, please click HERE to access the consent form. You can also find them at your student’s school. Although we are not required to report our COVID and quarantine numbers to the Department of Health, we are posting our numbers on our website for transparency. Click HERE to access.

Special thanks to our Health Heroes. Dr. Traci Earley, DNP, and her team of school nurses are doing phenomenal work to keep students and staff healthy and at school.

Traci Earley's Report

Student COVID numbers have doubled in a week. The goal of testing is to identify the positives. We have different health issues in the district. We are in a pandemic so the department of public health mandates who is quarantines. Wild Health is our vendor for testing. Wednesday 8/25/21 we tested 336 and found 7 positives. Thursday 8/26/21 we tested 562 students and found 1 positive. Friday 8/27/21 we have 285 signed up. Our Test to Stay Strategy had 102 students opting to test to stay. As long as they have negative results they can return to school. With the rapid test, it is an 84% positivity. There are possible false negatives. We then send out a PCR to make sure of the outcome. Dr. Earley shared the continued mitigation strategies in our buildings such as social distancing, cleaning and misting, seating charts, masks, frequent handwashing, hand sanitizer, parental monitoring for symptoms, and staff self-monitoring for symptoms.

Why are we not taking temperatures anymore? Initially, we thought that would be a good idea. However, we discovered that most students and adults were not running a fever with COVID.

Shelby County Public Schools has used our COVID funding for extra staffing and our summer programming to help catch kids up. The COVID testing is a FEDERAL program and not paid for by SCPS.

Board Discussion

Ms. Blackburn: Reminder of Board Meeting for our district.

Mr. Cline: Thanks to all who have shared their thoughts. There are doctors and nurses on both sides of the debate in my email and the numbers are divided. Student-athletes spoke to Mr. Cline and 2 spoke about their liberties, 70 - 80 just want to play and don't care one way or the other about masks. He wants people to know he is paying attention to the constituents. He wanted to extend his thoughts and prayers to Dr. Cox who lost a loved one to COVID. Thank you to all of the school leaders. We are getting great information as a board from the superintendents and leadership.

Ms. Freels: Substitute teachers have mentioned a thank you for the raise in pay. She saw the testing today at WMS and it was very organized.

Informational Reports

School Financials for 20 - 21 - no questions

Board Action Items

Set tax rates for 21 - 22: The tax Rate proposal is the same as last year with no impact on residents.

Andrew Cline moved for the approval of the following tax levy per $100 of assessed value for 2021-22; real estate 73.1 cents; personal property 73.1 cents; motor vehicles 46.5 cents; and continuation of the 3% utility tax. - Passed

Consider approval to partner with RSA Advisors, LLC (RSA) for fiscal agent services - approved

BG - 19 Change Orders listed on agenda - approved

Approved to allow the superintendent to sign necessary documentation of payments and claims.

Approved monthly financial report.

Consent Agenda Items

Approved Board meeting minutes from August 12

Approved non-resident contract for outgoing students.

Approved use of buses for Young Leaders Institute Events with the SC Chamber of Commerce.

Approved 504 Coordinators for 21 - 22 school year.

Approval of Admissions and Release Committee Chairperson as for 2021 - 2022.

The Board went into a closed session for the purpose of discussing future acquisition or sale of real property and for the purpose of a meeting for the Superintendent's formative evaluation.

Visit: to watch the August 26th Board Meeting.

Big picture

Last Mile Project

The Coronavirus Relief Fund (aka CARES) Last Mile Internet to the KY K-12 Student Program Fund is an emergency fund meant to overcome barriers created by the Covid 19 pandemic. The state allotted a total of 8 million dollars to districts to provide internet access to low income households targeting free and reduced lunch students. Shelby County Public Schools used their estimated $75,000 to target 4 neighborhoods along the US 60 corridor. In order for the equipment to work, it requires access to mobile wifi (5G) which is readily available along US 60.

Who is it for? This is for any students residing in areas identified by SCPS and ATT.

Why this project? This solution has been tested and placed in colleges and stadiums throughout the country. Even large theme parks have deployed this solution to provide internet access to their guests. Based on that, SCPS sought out a solution that would provide the most students in need of internet access from their homes. Traditionally, a personal hot spot would be given to a student, but only that student and a couple of others in the home would be able to utilize it. With this solution, SCPS and ATT are blanketing housing complexes where SCPS students reside in order to provide said coverage for these students.

How will it help? An SCPS student will be able to attach to the solution from their home in order to attend class, do homework, etc. All the students will need to do is open their device and it will be attached to our solution. SCPS has also implemented security measures, such as monitoring and blocking websites, to ensure the safety of our students. This same technology applies to this solution as well.

Is it a hot spot? Technically yes, however, the solution is weatherproof and temperature hardened access points that are made to be deployed outdoors and in environmentally challenging locations. The solution selected is a high-performance and high-power series delivering maximum capacity and range. It is purpose-built to survive in the harshest outdoor environments, and can withstand exposure to extreme high and low temperatures, persistent moisture, and precipitation, and is fully sealed to keep out airborne contaminants. All electrical interfaces include industrial-strength surge protection as well. It also has an interface that can be accessed by SCPS Technology and ATT in order to troubleshoot issues or assist in placing students online. It is a mesh solution allowing multiple access points to be placed within one neighborhood to ensure the highest level of saturation and coverage in said area.

Only at Cherrywood Apartments? Where else? Sycamore Terrace, Haven Hill Apartments, and Cola Commons will also have this solution deployed initially.

Does this mean that every student in the county will have Wi-Fi? Unfortunately, no. Only the neighborhoods identified will be able to utilize this solution for now.

How was/were the spot/spots determined? The solution is a result of a collaboration between SCPS and AT&T. The areas that are identified in the initial project were selected due to qualifying for Section Eight housing under Kentucky guidelines for such. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets income limits that determine eligibility for assisted housing programs including Section 8 housing. Utilizing that statute, it was determined that these neighborhoods would be the most vulnerable and in need of this service.

COVID Information on Our Website

Visit to reference information about COVID - 19 for SCPS. It's under the Parent Tab on our site.

Here you can find letters that were sent home regarding the COVID testing, consent forms, and other resources.

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SCHS Renovation

Shelby County Public Schools

Mission: Preparing wise students who master standards, lead by example, and embrace social responsibility.

Misión: Preparar estudiantes sabios que dominen los estándares, lideren con el ejemplo y adopten la responsabilidad social.

Vision: Inspired Learning, Leading, and Living

Visión: aprendizaje, liderazgo y vida inspirados