Karen & Molly's 4/5 Class News

Cold Spring School

We are off to a busy start!

On Thursday, our fifth graders shared their work from last year with the board of the Women's Seamen's Friends Society at the New Haven Lawn Club. They talked about the process of creating the Plants of the Salt Marsh podcast. They shared parts of their stories from their eBook on crustaceans and mollusks. The board had many questions that our students handled with ease. Not only were the board members thoroughly impressed with our young scientists, they also learned a lot!

Trip to the Salt Marsh

We took our first trip to Grannis Island. We found a really big Fiddler Crab. Mariana was brave enough to pick it up. Then she showed everyone how to pick them up and everyone started finding them and holding them. Maybe she should be known as the crab whisperer! We gathered various salt marsh plants to share with others at the celebration of the Salt Marsh Plants Teaching Wall.

A quick note that the "No nut" table for next week will be Grace, Ila, Julius, and Joshua.


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