Bill of Rights

Decided if they are fair or not.

First Amendment & Court Case.

Freedom to do as you please.

They can not tell the people what to believe and can say whatever they feel necessary. Also could protest anything of the government they don't agree with.

Court Case:

Miller v. California

Purpose was to get the first amendment to protect obscene materials as free speech. The Supreme Court decided to support it.

Second Amendment & Court Case.

Self protection.

People had the right to own guns to protect them self's. The government can not take it away.

Court Case:

Bliss v. Commonwealth

A man got caught with a sword hidden in a cane. The Court decided to not question him because it was for self defense and did not feel he was harm to the community.

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Third Amendment & Court Case

Soldiers rights.

No soldier can invade a house without the owners permission.

Court Case:


A soldier was quartered in a home but the soldier doesn't believe it was quartering because he does not know how long to stay till the law is in effect.

Forth Amendment & Court Case.

Peoples rights

Peoples belongings could not be searched without a warrant telling why they need to search and what they are trying to get.

Court Case:

Katz v. United States

They needed a warrant and did not have one to put a bug on a booth to gather information. They let the people who were offended a chance to defend themselves.

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Fifth Amendment & Court Case.


No person can be held to a crime unless the Grand Jury agrees. You can be tried twice if not guilty the first time.

Court Case:

Chavez v. Martinez

Martinez claimed that his right against self incrimination and right against coverage questioning had been violated by police officer Ben Chavez. Chavez was proven innocent.

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Sixth Amendment & Court Case

Right to trial.

All criminals have the right for an impartial jury. The jury will be informed of the crime and decide to defend nor not.

Court Case:

Barker v. Wingo

Mae Barker was arrested for murder. He asked for an appeal because he did not receive a speedy trial.

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Seventh Amendment & Court Case

Right to a jury.

The value rate can go hight and still have a right to a jury. You can not rexmine a case once it is decided.

Court Case:

Salem witch Trials

People were accused of being involved with witch craft and were sentenced to death. Now they are given a right to trials.

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Eighth Amendment & Court Case.


Expensive money should not be spent and you can not treat criminals with cruel or unusual punishment.

Court Case:

Trop v. Dulles

Albert Trop was charged for escaping from the US Army jail. They tried to take away him US citizenship but in the end he won he citizenship back by taking his story to the Supreme Court.

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Ninth Amendment & Court Case .

People still have rights.

Even though the constitution states rules that the government must follow, it does not determine everything. The constitution can still not take away peoples rights they feel they should have.

Court Case:

Roe v. Wade

They wanted to get the law of abortion overturned in the state of Texas. It turned out to be declared unconstitutional and was not passed in the 1960's

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Tenth Amendment & Court Case.

State rights.

If not mentioned in the Constitution not to do something the states still have the rights to do if it does not go against the law.

Court Case:

Printz v. United States

Guns were being decided to just be given or not. The question still has not been answered.

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