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April 15, 2016

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GREAT STUFF Going on In Our Schools

SHOWTIME!!!!! Tonight and Tomorrow!

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Celebrating our Teachers and Professional Staff Members of the Year!

On Monday April 11 at our Board of Education meeting, along with Principal's Murphy (Harding School) and Luciani (Brearley Ms/HS) I had the honor and privilege of recognizing the 2015-2016 Teachers and Professional Staff Members of the year.

Over the past couple of months I have spent time getting to know our staff and specifically, I have spent time with each of these colleagues. Each person we recognized reminds me of the commitment that we all have to our students and what some are willing to do that goes beyond expectations to be successful. Please take a moment in the near future and thank each of these outstanding colleagues for their work. We are grateful.

Board of Education Recognizes Outstanding Student-Athletes

At our Board of Education meeting on April 11, we recognized these two outstanding members of our school community. Congratulations to Evan Collier who was recognized in Basketball and Saverio Salfcas for his accomplishments in Wrestling.

On February 24 Evan Collier scored his 1,000th point and finished his career with 1,026 points.

Saverio Salfcas, a wrestler finished his career on with over 100 career victories – He made it to the State wrestling tournament in Atlantic City 3 times. He was also a two-time Union County champion.

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Exciting Work Being Done in ART at Harding School

We love art in our schools. Art offers so many different lessons to the students from technique to perseverance. In the pictures below, some of the sixth grade classes are working on weaving traditional baskets using reeds, fourth graders are finishing up paper Sculptures that focus on the elements of form, repetition and unity, and the third graders are combining traditional drawing of self portraits with a digital component using an app called WordFoto. With this app they are able to add adjectives in various styles to describe themselves.

Come to see Aladdin Jr.

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Harding Students Finish First in Union County at the New Jersey Math League Contest!!!

Each year Mrs. Campanile's sixth grade math class competes in the New Jersey Math League Contest, which is administered by Mrs. Griffin. We are pleased to announce that Harding placed first in Union County in the New Jersey Math League Contest. The top four 6th grade winners were:

1st- Alyson Ferrari

2nd - Ethan Charles

3 rd- Afonso Santos

4th- Michael Sammet

Way to go!

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April 2016 David Brearley Middle School Newsletter

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Join SEPAG for our Next Event!

Dear Parents,

Please see the attachment for information about our next SEPAG meeting. The date for the April meeting was changed to April 27, and we have a speaker who will present on Transition. Although this presentation is sponsored by the Special Education Parent Advisory Group, the workshop is open to general education parents and students as well.

The meeting will be held at Brearley High School. Please e-mail

if you plan to attend. The room location will be determined by the number of participants and will be posted on the high school front door that evening.

I am looking forward to meeting with you.

Kathleen Lutkenhouse

Interim Director of Pupil Personnel Services

Kenilworth School District

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Quality Instruction in Content Areas - by Fisher and Frey

When Good Lessons Go Bad: A Rescue Strategy

By Meghan Everette @bamameghan

Every once in a while I think I’ve got a killer idea that the kids will love and learn from that somehow totally flops. This week was no exception, when I tried to engage and motivate students with a fun little project after test prep and standardized testing. Everyone has those lessons where students didn’t see your vision or somehow the point was lost. In my case, students were over-excited about the product and couldn’t focus on the important parts. What do you do when a good lesson goes bad? Here’s a rescue strategy.

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PBL Workshop with Milliken Experts


A delightful way to teach kids about computers | Linda Liukas
Fluency Tutor® for Google™ - An Introduction


10 Silly Fun Science Experiments You Can Easily Do at Home

Other than youth and recess and summer vacation and nap time and candy and junk food and energy and fast metabolism and hope and excitement and bubbles and being with your friends every single day and first memories and playgrounds and no worries and probably a million other things, one of the things that you miss about being a kid when you’re an adult is the lack of silly science experiments. Sometimes you just want to put some food coloring on a plate and make it blow away with some dish soap. You don’t what to know the science behind it, you just want to see a volcano explode.

Here’s 10 you can easily do at home. Some are legitimately fun, some you’ve done before, and some are just plain weird.

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