Mr Mason belief

in the apossials and nicene creed

Who is Mr Mason

Mr Mason is an assistant principle at jubilee. he is estimated to be around about 55 years old. Mr Mason is a catholic with 4 children and 2 grandchildren.

Language of the creeds

mr mason said that "belief statements are i/we, for us for our sake. we can find creeds everywhere even when you don't know. you can find them in common language. like mottos mission statements and team songs."

Timeless words to live by

Mr Mason said "things like technology change but beliefs don't. it conducts me according to my faith. it summarises me as a christian. because with the creeds i have something to refer to."

bigger than you think

Mr mason said creed is important to him because "I have something to refer to. It tells me that i am part of something bigger than myself. Its a good way to bond with other people who belief in that exact same thing.

What are creeds to me

Creeds are personal christian beliefs. Me personally I don't have a christian creed. I only have a belief in god. Mr Mason is a great inspiration for younger people. he can tell everyone about Jesus