United Kingdom

by Matthew Cheek

United Kingdom Basics

The capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is London. The flag, commonly known as the Union Jack or Union Flag, is the national flag of the United Kingdom. The current design of the Union Jack dates from the union of Ireland and Great Britain in 1801.

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United Kingdom Geography

The location of the United Kingdom is in Europe and it is near Ireland and France.

The major land forms are Moral Mountains and a physical feature is Plymouth live pool. Some major landmarks are the Tower of London, and Big Ben, which is a tall clock. The major bodies of water are the River Thames, Loch More and Loch Awe and the environment problems are air pollution which can cause heart attacks and 49,600 deaths annually.

United Kingdom Government

The type of government is limited for the UK. The government is led by the prime minister, who selects all the remaining ministers and general elections are held every five years to elect a new House of Commons. The current prime minister is David Cameron, who was elected in May 2010. They have a monarchy, currently Queen Elizabeth II, but they have no real power.

United Kingdom Economy

The United Kingdom is considered a rich nation, with a total GDP of $2.678 trillion USD in 2013. The per capita GDP is less than France and the US. The currency in the UK is pound sterling, The main exports are machines, engines and pumps (14%) and petroleum (10.8%). 100% of the population has access to improved drinking water. The life expectancy of men in the UK is 81.5 years and women in the UK is 82.7. The birth rate is 1.9 per woman.

United Kingdom Culture

People in the UK wear clothing similar to what we wear in the US, like t-shirts and hoodies with jeans. The major language spoken is English, but there is also some Polish and Welsh spoken. The major holidays celebrated in the UK are Christmas, New Years', Palm Sunday and All Saints Day. The primary religion is Christianity, which believes that Jesus is the son of God. People in the UK eat "Fish and Chips", which is fried cod fish with french fries.

United Kingdom Climate

The climate in the United Kingdom is generally moderate with a southwestern wind. The average annual rainfall is 33.7 inches. The average yearly temperature ranges from 8.5 degrees celsius to 11 degrees celsius. The wet climate is good for growing crops.

United Kingdom History

The Napoleonic wars affected the UK by killing many troops and destroyed much of the countries, It triggered many enemies. During World War II, Britain declared war on Nazi Germany for bombing Poland. In the months and years to follow, much of Great Britain was destroyed during Nazi bombing, and it caused the death of many civilians and soldiers.

Compare and Contrast UK and US

People in the UK eat the same kinds of food, like beef, pork, chicken and fish, that we eat in the US. They have different names for some dishes, and make it in slightly different ways but mostly the same. Also, like in the US, the primary religion is Christianity, with different kinds like Methodist and Roman Catholic.

They are different in that they have a much longer history than the US, as the US was actually a British colony to start out. So many of their landmarks are centuries old, unlike the relatively younger US. They also have a monarchy, which used to rule the country, although doesn't any more. The US has never had a king or queen.

Overall, the United Kingdom and the United States are pretty similar today.