Prenatal Development

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Things to make sure you take control of while pregnant

Make sure you get enough sleep.

Make sure you eat well, getting enough nutrients, and stay away from fast foods.

Stay away from cigarettes and cigar smoking.

Stay away from alcohol.

Make regular doctor visits.

The Stages

In Depth Look Of The Stages


The germinal stage takes place in the first two weeks of pregnancy. During this time the cells are divided, the egg is implanted into the uterus, and the amnion, placenta, and umbilical cord are forming.


The embryonic stage takes place from week 2 until week 9 of pregnancy. During this time the baby's internal organs are forming, their vertebrae and spinal column form, and their eyes and ears begin to form. During this stage they also develop limb buds or the begginings of limbs.


The fetal stage starts at week 9 of pregnancy and lasts until birth. During this stage the limbs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes are forming. The baby's eyebrows and eyelashes form, along with facial features. The baby will gain a vernix covering (waxy coating) and Lanego will form (peach fuzz). During this time the baby will grow rapidly.

Things to expect

You may experience morning sickness.

You may have back cramps.

After giving birth you may become depressed (don't worry)

You may become fatigued easily.

You may get a glow, as they say, on your skin, however you may also get acne or other skin discolorations.