Mobile Apps for Elementary Students


This Android and iOS App creates flashcards, and allows for others to access each others flashcards. In the classroom, flashcards can be used for review and studying purposes. The beauty of Quizlet is that it can integrate audio and images into the flashcards, which may make this studying method more effective for some students. In addition, there are three study modes: match, learn, and cards. I would use this app as a teacher as it allows for the students to test themselves and get instant feedback on what they know or may need to study more. Say if they had a French test coming up, I could assign my students to make a minimum of 15 flashcards, then have them either study their own cards or a fellow sutdents.


This iOS app is intended to help children handwriting through games. By sliding your finger to collect the numbers in sequence, the child ends up writing the letter. In the classroom, I could implement this app as extra assistance for students with fine motor delays and are having difficulty learning how to write their alphabet.


Grammar Fun

Grammar Fun is a great way to have children practice their grammar skills. For example, the first quiz helps students understand what an adjective is through a series of questions and examples. I might not use this in the classroom, but use it for additional supports purposes. If a student is struggling with the concept of adjectives or maybe missed that class, I could assign the student to use this app at home to catch up.

Quick Maths

The Quick Maths App is a useful tool for practicing math equations. It provides math equations to solve and times how fast you complete the set. It can be helpful for students that are struggling with math by providing extra questions to solve on their own. In addition, I could use this app in class for students that have completed their math work before other students and want to challenge themselves by seeing how fast they can answer all the questions.

Sakura Quick Math - iPad/iPhone app demo


Duolingo is an amazing app to act as support and additional learning for children learning a second language: French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, or English. Within the app, it tests your ability to write, recognize and speak phrases properly. It is set up in a game format, where you have to complete levels without losing your hearts in order to move onto more challenging words. As a teacher, I could assign a certain level to complete before the next class as a way to reinforce what the students learned that day in class. It provides a lot of hints and explanations as new words are introduced so I believe parents would have an easier time practicing a second language with their children through this app.

Though at the moment this app is a little advanced for younger grades, there has been talk that they will be offering more levels in the future. In addition to this, they have also said they are working on a dashboard for teachers so they can follow students progress. For more info:!/comment/70666

Duolingo Intro