Speak Book Project

By Vanessa Schubert


Melinda is a shy girl with a big secret, about to start high school. The summer before freshman year she went to a party and it changed her life forever. To save herself she had to call the cops, but this made everyone hate her, including all of her old friends. On the bus ride to school on the first day Melinda sees just how much her old friends hate her when her former best friend sees her, "I hate you," she mouths silently." (Anderson 5) So she`s starting out high school all alone, and she has to face her problem by herself. Melinda has to choose if she wants to speak up for herself by spilling her big secret or if she wants to keep it bottled up inside, eating at her for the rest of her life.

Character Analysis

Melinda used to be a very happy, cheerful girl, until she went to that part. After that her attitude changed significantly. The fear of speaking up for herself has caused her to barely speak at all. She has a habit of biting her lips to the point that they are all chapped and cut up. She also spends most of her time alone, trying her best to stay away from her friends and family in fear she might spill her secret. Melinda also enjoys art because its a way she can express her feelings without having to speak. Melinda refers to art as a sort of sanctuary by saying, "Art follows lunch, like dream follows nightmare." (Anderson 9)
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Melinda faces many problems throughout the book. Her main conflict occurs with herself and is an internal conflict. Melinda`s conflict is man vs. self because throughout the entire book she debates whether or not she wants to speak up for herself. Once she faced her problems and spoke up for herself everything improved in her life. She starts fixing her problem by telling Rachel about what happened at the party. Melinda sees Rachel in the library and they start to write notes back and forth about the party and Melinda writes her a note saying, "I didn`t call the cops to break up the party, I write. I called them because some guy raped me. Under the trees. I didn`t know what to do." (Anderson 183) After she told Rachel, all her problems began to fade away.


The book Speak has a very important message to it. The book has a few different themes but the main one is speak up for yourself or things won`t get better. If Melinda would`ve just spoken up about what happened in the first place she wouldn`t have had such a bad year. Things actually got a lot worse the longer she waited to tell people. It`s important to speak up for yourself not only in sexual assault situations but also when getting bullied. Because Melinda didn`t tell people about being raped, she got bullied for calling the cops at the party. If she would`ve just told people she probably wouldn`t have gotten bullied in the first place.
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Textual Evidence

The end of the book Speak has a lot of inspiring parts about speaking up for yourself. The most powerful part of the book to me is when Melinda gets trapped in the janitor`s closet with Andy and he attempts to rape her a second time. But she speaks up for herself by screaming out, "I said no." (Anderson 195) This causes the lacrosse team to run and come to her rescue and Andy gets exposed as a rapist. This also makes people realize all the pain she`s been through and people become more understanding of her problems.

Book Review

To me the book Speak was kinda slow, but eventually it got good. There were very enjoyable parts in it. Since it had some comedy in it and a thrilling scene it made it easy to get through. Overall I would rate the book a 3.5 out of 5. It had a great message to it but I wouldn`t recommend it to a friend.

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