Child Labor

Industrial Revolution By: Jackson Gammons

Jobs Children Did!

  1. Children had to put their hands in the machines to fix them if something messed up
  2. They had to go under machines to clean them
  3. Children also had to work in the coal mines
  4. Many children had to be chimney sweeps and clean peoples chimneys!

Hours and working conditions

  1. The kids had to work very hard for up to 19 hours a day!
  2. Worked in horrible condtions, they were around large heavy equiptment that could injure them very easily!
  3. There was so much pollution in the air children often found themselves having trouble breathing!
  4. Children were given little food that they had to eat fast such as porridge, oatcake, cheap meat, the water was polluted and children could also drink beer!
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Dusty Children

Here are come kids taking a break from their tough jobs in the mines!

Accidents that often happen

  1. Kids could get their hands or fingers cut off when trying to fix the machines
  2. Clothes could get caught in the machine and the child could be pulled in!
  3. A child's training could be inadequate and they might not know what to do, so they could get injured!
  4. A child could go under a machine and their hair could get caught in the machine and it could rip their hair from their scalp.
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Injured Children

Here is a child that might have got her hand caught in a machine, her hand is all bandaged up!

Punishments Children Faced

  1. Children could be beat to death or badly injured
  2. They could be "Weighted" this means a heavy weight is tied to your neck and you have to walk up and down factory isles
  3. They were called bad names and verbally abused
  4. Boys sometimes had to go to work naked and hold their clothes
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Punishing Kids

This looks like a kid getting punished for doing something wrong on the job!

Efforts to Improve/ stop child labor

  1. Factory act of 1833, this meant children should get payed, even if its a little amount
  2. Unions were formed to protest
  3. Free education is now offered
  4. Age limits have been set on child labor!
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This shows protests to stop child labor!