May 16, 2016

Room 30's Weekly Update

Dear Parents,

Room 30 students will take the language arts portion of the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) assessment on Wednesday.

There are a few things you can do to help your child do his/her best:

*SLEEP – Your child should get plenty of sleep the night before the test.

*BREAKFAST – Make it a nutritious one. It's difficult for students to concentrate when they are hungry.

*SNACK – Be sure to send a healthy snack with your child.

*RELAX – A worried child will not do as well. Help your child stay calm and do his/her best! Keep the test in perspective – we want students to do their best, but they’re only in second grade!

I am confident all of our kiddos will do wonderfully. Please let me know if you have any questions.




Unit 6 Week 2

Splish! Splash! Animal Baths

This is the main selection story students will read in class on Wednesday. Please ask your child to retell the story to you. You can ask them to describe/form an opinion about the main character and provide evidence from the story to support their opinion.

Comprehension Skill and Strategy

Generate Questions-Good readers stop occasionally as they read, in order to ask themselves questions. They ask questions about who or what the selection is about, what topics it tells about, and how these topics are alike and different.

Compare and Contrast-When you compare you tell how things are alike, and when you contrast, you tell how they are different.

Phonics- Vowel Teams

When two vowels are in the same syllable they work together as a team to make one sound.


bee-tle has two syllables. In the first syllable there are two e's that work together to make the long e sound.

ex-claim has two syllables. The second syllable has -ai that work together to make the long a sound.

Grammar- Use a and an

The words a and an are special adjectives called articles.

Use the article a before a word that begins with a consonant sound.

Example: I read a book.

Use the article an before a word that starts with a vowel sound.

Example: Our teacher wants us to come up with an ending.

Writers' Workshop

Opinion Writing

This week students will choose a character from a book to write an opinion piece about.

Students are expected to form an opinion about the character and support their opinion with several examples from the text. Opinion pieces are also expected to include a brilliant beginning, title, author, genre, character information, opinion, and support (evidence).

Math-Module 8

Social Studies


1.1.1 Understand the key idea of public or common good within the context of the community.

-Explain one’s responsibility to obey the law for the public good of the community.

Explain how people can respect the rights of others to live safely. Example: Obey speed limits.

1.2.1 Understands the basic organization of government in the community.

-Understand the basic organization of government in the community.


Be sure to visit the 2nd Grade homework webpage each Monday to find details about this week's special project. Here is the link:

Friday, May 20th-Dad's Club Pancake Breakfast

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