Welcome To Millertown

Small Town

Hi, Im Hattie! Welcome to Millerton "Millerton is a sleepy town, the houses nodding in the heavy air."

Things To Do on Summer Vacation:

  • Fred Carmels Carnival
  • Take Walks in the small town
  • Enjoy time with your family
  • Ride your Bike

Places to Go

  1. Library
  2. Bank
  3. Carnival
  4. Restaurant


Millerton has a very small population, (about 100) the town is very small so it shouldn't be hard to learn how to get around.

Wednesday, June 22nd, 12am

Freds Fun time Carnival

Come to Freds Fun Time Carnival on June 22nd.

Cool Animals

  • Black Eyed Tree Frog!
  • This exotic animal is only to be found in a few places!
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